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“One Belt And One Road” Accelerates The Internationalization Of Stone Industry

As the earliest construction material applied in human history, stone material has written an immortal chapter for the world’s architectural history with its hard strength and excellent performance, and opened thousands of years of architectural history as a history of stone application. Since the reform and opening up, China’s stone technology and equipment began to introduce technology from abroad. After years of development and independent research and development, a large number of exports have been made abroad.

Global integration has promoted the development of China’s stone industry. As a member of the world stone industry, China has surpassed the traditional stone powers Italy, Spain, Turkey and Brazil to become the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of stone since 2005. The status of Chinese stone materials in the international stone market is rising day by day.

According to the Chinese decorative stone material market supply and demand forecast in 2017-2022 and development trend of the research report shows that in the future China stone has a huge consumer market in the world, combined with the economic slowdown in the United States, the European debt crisis continues to spread, the transfer of some developed countries stone manufacturing, many multinational companies to invest in China stone or stone. Many industry experts said that the center of stone production and trade in the world has shifted from the traditional European region to China in Asia, and China’s stone market is taking the place of Europe and leading the world.

The One Belt And One Road initiative offers new opportunities

In recent years, since the “One Belt And One Road” initiative was put forward, it has exerted a positive and far-reaching influence on China’s stone industry. While driving the demand for stone, it will inevitably put forward new requirements for enterprise operation and management, which will force enterprises to carry out transformation and upgrading and bring new opportunities for the development of China’s stone industry.

According to the report of the 27th east China import and export commodities fair, in 2016, the foreign trade between jiangsu, Shanghai, zhejiang, shandong and fujian provinces and the markets along the “One Belt And One Road” route all achieved growth, which was significantly higher than the average growth rate of the overall trade. As the “core area of the 21st century maritime silk road”, fujian exported 182.29 billion yuan to the market along the maritime silk road in 2016, among which stone materials and products are the main building materials.

“One Belt And One Road” is a new opportunity, which brings a lot of business opportunities for the stone industry. In recent years, nanan city, fujian province, known as the “hometown of building materials”, has actively developed industrial alliance, actively docking “One Belt And One Road” overseas projects with the annual international stone expo and other platforms, and accelerating the transformation and development of the traditional stone industry. The import and export of stone materials in nan ‘an account for half of the country, and it is listed as the national professional demonstration base for foreign trade transformation and upgrading. At present, 528 stone enterprises have embarked on the journey to explore the markets of countries along the silk road. On the one hand, they purchased mineral resources from the silk road countries. On the other hand, they sell to these countries.

Borrow “area” dongfeng for stone industry accelerated the internationalization is not only a stone, stone machinery, stone products is also actively into the “area”, in the “area” all the way along the country to undertake the construction of infrastructure projects, need a lot of materials and equipment, the large scope of the impact, regional wide span, the construction cycle length is unprecedented.

Over the years, “go out” cooperation to build will be the traditional stone material enterprises in the “area” the construction of a way out, now, China’s stone industry already has a solid foundation for the internationalization, as one has to build complete ship, it needs to set sail, in the process of “going out” to make more exploration and try to borrow dongfeng “area”, realize China stone industry globalization, confidently to open a new chapter.

Source: China building materials daily