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Practical Application Of New Type Wall

According to SURFACES China, not only did surface materials shine, but wall materials also stood out. Let’s see the practical application of the new wall.

The development of building structure forms drives the application of new wall materials. The main forms of building structure are wood structure, brick and concrete structure, frame structure, shear wall structure, frame tube structure and other structural forms. In the frame structure, shear wall structure and other common structural forms, the wall is mainly in the form of filling wall. Porous bricks can reduce the weight of the wall more effectively than solid bricks. The wall that USES plasterboard wall to compare common brick not body quality is lighter only and the effect of its fire prevention, sound insulation is better. It can be seen that, without considering the bearing capacity of the wall, there are more and better choices of masonry materials than traditional clay bricks.

Application of external wall insulation materials. External wall insulation material has applied internal and external insulation technology, which is a new type of wall material widely used at present. External insulation materials have good insulation effect, and can save the internal space of the building, thus increasing the usable area of the house. Outside wall insulation materials are also added with energy saving and insulation function materials, mainly glass wool felt, rock wool board, polystyrene particle insulation mortar and polystyrene foam plastic board. These materials are designed with closed holes and low density, which can be applied in construction links such as thermal equipment, material complex, impedance heat flow transfer and building maintenance, etc., which can improve the structural stability of the building body, extend the natural service life, and greatly increase the comfort of residents.

Compared with the new external wall insulation materials, external wall insulation technology is more mature, both in the construction standard and technical level are relatively perfect, so it has a good market in the construction industry. The application of external wall insulation materials in building construction has the advantages of simple operation, long service life and good indoor insulation effect. However, its most prominent shortcomings are “hot bridge” and occupation of indoor usable land, which will not only bring great inconvenience to residents to carry out secondary decoration, but also reduce the comfort of residents. Therefore, continuous improvement and optimization of this technology is needed.

That is the information that SURFACES China will arrange for you. If you want to know more about the industry, welcome to the wall material exhibition. The exhibition site will not only have new products, new technologies, but also new equipment. At the same time, the organizer invites professional buyers and exhibition groups from many countries to join us, striving to build a one-stop trading platform. Come and see!