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Integrated Wall Decoration Is Too Fast, Will Not Reliable?

Now people are decorating when choosing material many a choice, that is integrated metope. The integrated wall is popular among consumers because of its environmental protection and quick installation.

But as a new decorative materials, the market is still questioning the sound of integrated wall. Integrated wall decoration really said so convenient? Is this real or just a stunt?

Today, through selection and inspection of SURFACES China, we comprehensively analyze whether integrated wall decoration is reliable or not.01 one-stop shopping, convenient!

Traditional decorate material to involve each respect respect, nonprofessional personage is not clear to the doorways among them, use the means of whole package or half package to decorate a company or decorate guerrilla mostly, in case place asks blame person, that can spend a lot of money in vain more.

If you choose integrated wall decoration, because the product can be used for the decoration of the wall and the top, so you can avoid the trouble of selecting materials in the building materials market. Many brands even provide lamps, furniture, flooring and other soft decoration products, one-stop shopping, saving time and effort.02 what you see is what you get. Rest assured!

Traditional decoration has a drawback is the actual effect of decoration and owners expect the difference is very big, which is related to the early design, the use of materials and late construction.

Choose integrated wall decoration, businesses will be based on the owners decoration design and style requirements and combined with housing layout, actual housing data design renderings, any unsatisfactory details can be communicated with designers to solve.

Actually decorate the choice of plank design and color of process, specification and auxiliary material use to be in strict accordance with the material that the owner chooses when buying and design effect drawing to undertake, see namely get, utmost limit avoids actual decorate the result and the circumstance that anticipate do not accord with, be at ease very much!03 high efficiency, immediately after loading in!

The installation speed of integrated wall is known to all, and due to the characteristics of the production itself, the decoration of integrated wall is not subject to the weather, the decoration period is no longer far away without hope, after the installation can be immediately moved in, it is perfect for those who can’t wait to live in a new home.

How many days can it be finished? This and the size of house area, decorate the skilled degree of master craft and the complexity of the design are concerned, the house of 100 level or so commonly 7~14 days can be installed.

Appearance level is high, seeing is believing!

Finally, the appearance level of the integrated wall is also famous. Integrated wall style is diverse, can meet all kinds of people’s aesthetic needs, some enterprises are opened customized services, convenient and beautiful and fast.

After reading the above content, you will feel integrated wall decoration is not reliable? New things are never accepted to be slowly accepted by people always go through a process, integrated wall is now in this stage.

The good embodiment of integrated wall in every aspect, in addition to the above points, there are thermal insulation, sound insulation, and decorative and functional in one, to provide one-stop home decoration solutions for consumers. What are you waiting for? Follow the footsteps of SURFACES China and come to this wall material exhibition to witness the beauty of integrated walls!

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