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Floor Industry Adds New Standard Again, Children Sports Place Chooses Resilient Floor More Normative

SURFACES China learned that the expert inspection group led by dongmei professor senior engineer and huang qiuping professor senior engineer as deputy leader listened to the compilation introduction and relevant technical description of “elastic floor for children’s activity places” customized by jiangsu kendya wood industry co., LTD., and finally passed the examination and approval. The approval of the audit marks that the gap in relevant aspects in China has been filled and is in the leading position in China. The comprehensive content and complete system can meet the requirements of flooring products used in children’s activity venues in China, conform to the current pursuit of material-saving and emission-reduction policies, facilitate the promotion of new products and technologies, urge enterprises to produce flexible flooring for children’s activities in line with the standards, and pursue the research and development of new technologies.

And children floor is so favour at elastic ground material, with its each big advantage is cent cannot open, let us understand.

  1. The security

The material that considers PVC plastic floor above all is qualitative, its bottom layer is foamed bottom, quality of a material is soft, below the impact of clog has good resilience energy, because this can reduce the fall that the accident in children motion causes, protect joint in motion at the same time, reduce the cartilage damage of skeleton.

  • Environmental protection and health

The raw material of PVC sports floor is polyvinyl chloride, green environmental protection and can regenerate, need not worry about the harmful material such as heavy metal, formaldehyde causes an effect to the health of children, build a safe activity space for children.

  • Strong anti-fouling performance

Children’s sports floor seamless splicing, dust and stains will not be hidden in the gap, and because the surface after special treatment, coated with UV anti-fouling layer, usually only need daily mop cleaning, if you want to make it look new after a long time, with wax water hit a layer of wax, basically nothing difficult to clean.

  • Anti-slip and wear resistance

Because PVC floor surface is the wear-resisting layer that antiskid decorative pattern designs, can make sole is stuck the ground, have superior antiskid effect, although encounter water, antiskid sex won’t reduce not only, because frictional degree is raised instead better. So avoid children who fall when the ground is slippery during exercise.

5. Wear well

Because the transparent wear-resisting layer of ground material surface passes special high-tech processing, its wear-resisting revolution is 30000 turn, it is aggrandizement wood floor waits cannot compare, its service life can reach 20-30 years.

  • Colorful and customizable

Normally the place colour of children motion is richer, and PVC floor relies on oneself colour design diversity, for instance, have carpet grain, stone material grain, wooden floor grain to wait, lifelike and beautiful, cut out is easier, plasticity is strong, can be customized according to the interest interest of children technically.

  • Moderate price and convenient installation

Relative to traditional ground material, the price of PVC floor is more moderate, and facilitate installation, construction time is short, labor cost is relatively low, because do not need to use cement mortar, basically 24 hours can be used.

Above is the reason why children’s sports venues like PVC flexible SURFACES brought by SURFACES China are fond of. Of course, it is not only children’s sports venues, but also other venues become popular because of the benefits brought by PVC, such as hospitals, gyms and even residential areas. Want more information? That arrives this ground material to exhibit come!

Source: resilient floor mesh