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Geothermal Heating Floor Which Kind Of Good? Four Common Geothermal Floor PK

In order to get a more comfortable experience, many people will install geothermal in the home, it is compared to other ways of heating, more environmental protection, health, energy saving. The floor that applies to geothermal heating on market nowadays has a lot of, commonly used have ceramic tile, real wood compound floor, aggrandizement floor, marble to wait a moment, so floor of floor of heating of terrestrial heat which is good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different floor materials? The following article will share these questions with you, looking forward to help friends in need.

Advantages and disadvantages of composite floorIt’s hard to say which geothermal heating floors are better because they have different advantages and disadvantages. We take compound floor to say, the advantage of this kind of floor is to step on above softer, comfortable and taller; Better insulation than tiles, the wood floor keeps the house warm for a long time after the floor is turned off for the same temperature.

Compound floor is unavoidable also have a few blemish: if use is not proper, let floor be affected with damp, or broken do not go repairing, can appear the problem such as craze, arch.

Additional, some inferior compound floor still can send out poisonous gas in using process, accordingly, when choosing compound wood floor, should choose the product that has corresponding certificate and detect a report.

Advantages and disadvantages of tile floor actual decorate, also have a lot of owner to be able to use ceramic tile as floor of heating of terrestrial heat. Its most obvious advantage is that it has good heat dissipation, heating up quickly, and the temperature is generally higher than the floor 3-5℃; Good stability, heat can remain stable, not deformation; Heating does not emit harmful gases or radioactive substances; Easy to clean and clean and environmentally friendly.

Tile floor is not perfect, its heat dissipation is good also cause its heat preservation is poor; Because the quality of a material of ceramic tile is harder, when not opening floor warm, the feeling that gives a person is cold again hard.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble

Some owners are right decorate the requirement of beautiful sex taller, and marble is specific and beautiful grain, because this they use it in succession as floor of heating of terrestrial heat. Its most obvious advantage lies in thermal conductivity is better, better than ceramic tile, thermal insulation; Of marble heat resisting sex, water resisting and wear-resisting sex compare other ground material advantage is very apparent, won’t be damaged easily.

Nevertheless use marble to serve as floor of heating of terrestrial heat, not only price on the high side, and backfill layer is met thicker, the time that quantity of heat transfers the ground to need is longer, for summary, cost can be compared other ground material is tall.

Advantages and disadvantages of cork brick

The development of science and technology brought the research and development that decorates material and production, cork brick is conceived and be born, it is a kind of very ideal geothermal heating floor, it is more stable not only good, floor does not craze, do not be out of shape; At the same time, waterproof, moisture-proof; Fast heat conduction and unique honeycomb structure has good insulation effect, fast temperature rise and slow temperature drop, more energy saving; Comfort is higher than tile and composite wood floors.

Finally, SURFACES China should remind you that you can choose suitable geothermal heating floor based on the actual needs of home decoration. No matter what kind of floor you choose, you must choose products with formal certificates to avoid unnecessary losses. Also can take advantage of the opportunity that this ground material shows, come to the spot personally understanding the knowledge of all sorts of floor, add luster for oneself small home.

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