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How Is The Marble Floor Maintained?

According to small make up of SURFACES China, At present marble also became the indispensable raw material in ground to use material gradually. However, compared with ordinary ceramics, marble materials are relatively more difficult to maintain. This time, we found the industry masters who participated in the stone exhibition in the ground materials exhibition, and brought us the secrets of marble maintenance!

One, the method that marble floor maintains cent is two kinds are waxing and recrystallization.

Second, the advantages of waxing are:1, on marble waxing polishing is indeed an effective maintenance method, but this marble maintenance drawbacks are many. Wax face suction ash, processing the ground easy to produce a kind of gray feeling, and pedestrians will leave a clear footprint after.2, wax layer closed the pores of marble, marble interior moisture can not be permeable, resulting in marble lesions.3, wax layer texture is soft, easy to be worn, can not really achieve the protection of marble floor requirements.

The advantages of recrystallization are:

1, recrystallization treatment, marble recrystallization treatment is a popular marble maintenance method, marble recrystallization is divided into two parts, one part is the mechanical tool part, the other part is the special chemical material part; Chemical material also is two kinds: one kind is granite recrystallization, another kind is marble recrystallization.

2, the basic principle of marble floor is some special chemical materials by using mechanical friction heat, the binding reaction with the marble surface structure, generate new the crystallization of hard layer, use these for granite and marble stone recrystallization system maintenance, can be bright and pure and fresh nature make the marble ground effect. Still can raise the wear-resisting degree of marble surface, make its burnish more lasting.

Source: hundred stone net