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Reject the coldness of the ground, it’s time to lay a warm and comfortable carpet!

The weather is getting colder, and many people have already changed their winter clothes for their homes, put on warm and comfortable bedding, added brightly colored pillows, and covered them with soft and warm carpets. The warmth gradually increases with the addition of these household items. Promotion.

Today we will talk about carpets. Now home decoration will not be carpeted throughout the room, but choose a small piece of carpet, low cost and easy to clean, can also increase the sense of space and comfort.

Before talking about the matching of the material pattern of the carpet, let’s talk about how to choose the size of the carpet. Take the selection of the living room carpet as an example.

The carpet in front of the sofa cannot be too small, if it is too small, it will produce a kind of overwhelming shabby feeling. The width of the rug should preferably exceed the width of the longest sofa so that the atmosphere of the space can be revealed.

No matter how the pattern is selected, first choose the right size, but it must not be small.

Does the atmosphere mean a lot? There must be a limit!

In the design of a large apartment, the carpet is suitable for “wrapping” all the furniture, and the furniture in the living room should be placed on the carpet.

Bedroom rugs are usually laid at the end of the bed, the size should not be too small, it is better to be larger than the bed width.

After talking about the size of the rug, let’s take a look at the category of the rug. Common rugs, geometric rugs, fur rugs, and flower-shaped rugs are common. Below we look at the matching of different carpets through examples.

Solid color rug

Before choosing a solid color carpet, look at the main colors of your home, and pick a color in the space, such as the similar colors of the wall, sofa, pillow, curtains, etc., as the color composition of the carpet, it will look more harmonious . The solid color tufted carpet can be washed directly, which is very convenient.

Geometric pattern carpet

Many carpets with geometric patterns will give people a vibrant and fashionable feeling, which will make your home a few grades instantly.

Fur rug

Whether it is artificial or real wool, if you walk barefoot on it, the comfort it can bring you is unmatched by other materials. Some people say that long-haired carpets are easy to hide dirt and dirt, but let’s not waste food because of it!

Flower pattern carpet

The colorful carpet patterns always give people a sense of vitality. When you feel that the colors in the home are more monotonous, you can use the same color pattern of pattern carpets to match.

Stone, metal carpet

Seeing the usual home furnishings and tooling carpets, isn’t it a little visual fatigue? Today brings everyone a visual feast, a rug different from ordinary rugs.

The artist Suzan Drummen from the Netherlands uses crystals, chrome metal, rare stones, mirrors and stained glass to stitch together to form a carpet of various patterns. It is very bright and beautiful, just like a magic flying carpet, giving people a visual and sense Double experience. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to decorate such an artistic floor, but Suzan Drummen is not afraid of trouble. What she enjoys is the collage process, in which she can gain a lot of happiness.

Hand-woven silk rug

Silk is known as “the queen of fibers” and has been favored by people since ancient times for its unique charm. Silk is also known as “health fiber” and “health fiber”. Silk products have always been Chinese characteristics and have a long history.

Wooden rug

The birthplace of wooden rugs is Switzerland. Many people think that it is similar to traditional Chinese mats, but this is not the case. Although it looks very similar, it feels like a complete solid wood board with a wood texture. However, when you step on it, you will find that it is a carpet. A wooden carpet is composed of multiple wooden boards. Each wooden board is processed through multiple processes and integrated into one body, which not only protects against moth but also effectively blocks moisture. Suitable for southern families.

Compared with the carpet, the wooden carpet is more resistant to dirt, because it will be waxed on the surface during the production process, even if it is dirty, just wipe it with a rag. In addition, the wooden floor is treated with anti-moth when it leaves the factory, so it will not breed bacteria and mosquitoes, which is especially practical.

The price of wooden rugs is also relatively low. Although the texture is similar to that of solid wood, the price is much lower than that of solid wood floors. It has a wide range of colors to choose from and can be customized according to the actual environment of the home. Need to choose.

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