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Home decoration, wood flooring? Or tile?

The tiles feel high and cold, the floor is warmer, each has its pros and cons. There is no so-called good or bad, only the inappropriate. So when choosing, friends have to choose according to their home decoration.

If you must make your mark, give everyone some suggestions.

ceramic tile

Benefits of tiles

1. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

2. Long service life, generally can be used for 10-20 years, fireproof, waterproof and anticorrosive performance is good.

3.Environmental protection, rich modeling, diversified sizes and colors, larger choice space, suitable for the aesthetics of most consumers.

4.The floor tiles have good hardness, can withstand large pressure, are relatively wear-resistant and are not afraid of water, and are relatively easy to take care of.

The disadvantages of tiles

1. The use comfort and heat insulation are poor, and the use area has limitations.

2. Some individual tiles have radioactive contamination.

3.The tiles are hard on the soles of the feet, and they don’t feel so warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and the elderly are still a little unsafe to use.

Tile purchase advice

1. Although the tile design is not under the designer’s control, it is best to have a designer to accompany when buying tiles

In the design drawings provided by the designer, the tile paving scheme is not included, but style and color suggestions will be proposed when the owner selects the tiles.

2. Tile maps obtained by the mason, provided by the brand owner

Today’s tiles are more and more creative. Some professional brand companies will have professional tile paving designers to provide design solutions and drawings. As long as you communicate with the merchants about the color system and patterns, the designer will help you with local tile design and drawing. Give it to the mason, and the mason can lay it directly according to the picture.

3. Is tile cutting done by home improvement companies or brand owners?

At present, large-scale cutting of ceramic tiles requires professional equipment for precise cutting. If the tile laying scheme provided by the brand is determined, the brand will uniformly cut the tile according to the design plan and then enter the market. For small-scale cutting such as encountering light boxes during construction, it is done by mason.

4. When the tiles enter the market for inspection, the masonry union will help to inspect the goods.

When the tiles enter the market, the owner only needs to be responsible for checking the quantity and color of the tiles. As for the quality of the tiles, the general mason or home improvement company will help the inspection, especially the color difference, tile flatness and size can be replaced in time if there are problems.


Which floor is good

1.Beautiful and durable, with good thermal insulation performance.

2.Comfortable feet can reduce the noise on the floor and make the living room more peaceful.

3.The texture of the wooden floor is naturally natural and relatively environmentally friendly.

4.The thermal conductivity of wooden floor is also small, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Which floor is bad

1.Affected by weather and humidity, it is easy to deform, crack and warp.

2.Large formaldehyde release is harmful to health.

3. It is not easy to take care of, it needs regular maintenance, and the improper maintenance will shorten the life.

Floor purchase advice

1. The general sequence of floor installation is: first install the floor, then install the door. If you need to install the door first, you must keep the height of the ground in advance. The calculation method is: floor thickness + 2.5mm floor mat thickness + buckle thickness (depending on the material).

2. When installing skirting boards, pay attention to the flushness of the upper mouth, and also pay attention that the gap between the skirting boards and the floor should not exceed 1mm. If fixed with iron nails, the distance between the nails must not exceed 40 cm.

3. If the room is a geothermal floor, turn on the geothermal heat, open the windows and ventilate the floor a few weeks before the floor is installed to emit moisture. If the surface temperature of any geothermal floor continues to exceed 27 ° C, the damage to the floor will be destructive.

4. It is recommended to maintain the floor two days before installing the furniture after installing the floor for the first time.

5. In the daily use of the floor, the indoor temperature should be maintained between 18 ° C and 22 ° C, and the optimal air humidity is between 45% and 65%.

Source: Home Improvement Interior Design