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The Market Competition Advantage Of Archaize Floor

As people nowadays quality of life rises with each passing day, also had higher requirement when decorating to buy a floor. Nowadays, when people is buying a floor, decorate a style to restore ancient ways to match with his home restoring ancient ways, can choose the archaize floor of fashionable restore ancient ways. Compare with common floor, archaize floor has advocate history and the characteristic that go after nature, use in the home can make whole household space looks more wonderful, let oneself and family live very comfortable. After all, archaize floor advantage has how many? This is the concern of the majority of business, in order to facilitate your purchase, SURFACES China for you to deeply introduce antique flooring, antique flooring advantages, you know how much.

Archaize floor reflected a kind of culture connotation perfectly, no matter be colour and lustre or design can make a person shine at the moment, achieved outstanding and distinctive goal truly. Besides, after wanting everybody to buy the archaize floor of high quality only, after installation is used, perfect outstanding wind restoring ancient ways, after making a person has seen, at the moment is bright.The archaize floor that a few just appear on the market is tasted newly, colour and lustre, grain is conspicuous and distinctive, but the price also lets a person recoil. For example, a carbon burning oak floor, mimicking the cave fresco, the price of about 1,500 yuan per square meter. And the floor of series of volcano of a new market ‘camellias’, price is as high as 3800 yuan/square metre. The top class product that displays in the exhibition hall of floor of floor of a few well-known brand, it is alleged to be more ‘original outfit entrance’, ‘pure manual is custom-made’, among them there is no lack of ‘limited edition’, price differs from 10 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan. ‘these are purely handmade, there is no comparability in price, is generally used more villa.

‘antique’ ≠ ‘high-end’

When archaize floor just rises, for the need of market promotion, archaize floor was joined a lot of exterior culture concept and package, archaize floor is gifted accordingly ‘high-end’ fixed position. And along with the improvement of craft technology, archaize floor already became the popular product that can realize scale production.

‘manual’ ≠ ‘high price’

In the surface treatment of archaize floor production, have a lot of link that make by hand really. But the manual working procedure in production of a lot of archaize floor is only one in whole working procedure, the cost that place holds is not big. With the realization of manual production scale, the application of modern production equipment, archaize floor surface material selection range of the broad sex, the proportion of manual cost in product cost composition is becoming smaller and smaller. The face layer of archaize floor is pure manual cost is in raw, auxiliary material, process cost to occupy 3% only –5%.

‘good’ or ‘good’

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic taste and personalized demand, floor and other home decoration products are integrated into the factors of art, culture and design. But to majority consumer character, of the floor practical it is the first.

The above is the industry information provided by SURFACES China. For more information, please log on to the official website of SURFACES China or visit the exhibition of surface materials.

Source: wood kingdom