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Why do some stones disappear?

What are the reasons for stone materials that have disappeared into people’s vision since then?

Exhaustion of stone resources

The depletion of stone resources has two meanings. One is that this stone has been mined out, and the other is that this stone is not allowed to be mined.

Whatever the reason, this kind of stone products will disappear immediately. For example, Jinan Qing, once famous throughout the country, was restricted from mining in 2008, and Zhangqiu’s alternatives were also banned from mining in 2017, and all stone factories were shut down.

Peach red

The peach blossom red produced in Fujian Gutian is also a victim of the environmental protection stick, which once sold millions of square meters a year and was completely shut down in 2017.

Ishii Rust was once the representative of China’s rust stone. It sold well all over the country as early as the 1990s, and was loved by Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries. Now I can still see that many foreign buildings are using dry stone rust. Stone, and the huge demand for time has made the quarrying of stone pits almost crazy, causing serious damage to the local environment and the mine has been closed.

Ishii Rust

The well-known stone that may be withdrawn from the market recently is Fujian Changtai’s G654 Sesame Black. G654 is Changtai’s most well-known stone, and its sales occupy the forefront of national stone sales.

However, on January 1, 2018, Changtai officially closed the G654 mine, and the stone that once sold nationwide will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Therefore, many local strong stone companies have accumulated a large amount of stone, and some stone companies have even hoarded millions of cubic meters worth of hundreds of millions of wool, so in the market within two or three years can still find Changtai G654.

At the same time, G654 substitutes have appeared in many places in China, such as Lintong Green in Lintong, Shandong, Jinzhai Black in Anhui, Zhongshan Green in Zhongshan, Guangxi, and Cenxi Sesame Black in Guangxi.

The word “china black” is known differently in every country abroad. In the foreign markets, pure black stones are Chinese black, Indian black, and South African black. Among the varieties, China black is the best.

Indian black and South African black are rare in China, because the two varieties cannot compete with Chinese black in terms of price and quality. In China, the understanding of India’s black stone remains in “black sand”. Indian black, a large variety of black stone, is rarely recognized.

Foreigners’ knowledge of “China Black” is very unprofessional, causing the current name to be very confusing. They call Shanxi black, Fengzhen black, Mongolian black, Hebei black, and some other pure black Chinese stones in general. China is black. In fact, these varieties are very different.

The comparative definition of “China Black” should be Hebei Black, produced in Fuping, Pingshan, and Hunyuan, Shanxi. The “China Black” in the eyes of foreigners should be “China Black 1” and “China Black 2” With the increasing demand for “China Black” in the market and some small factories’ crazy exploitation of “China Black”, “China Black 1” and “China Black 2” have dried up, and now even “China Black 3” “It’s rare.

It was estimated that there were more than 1,000 stone factories in the production area ten years ago, and now there are only dozens of small factories. The reason is that these small factories were “barbaric mining” ten years ago. There is a huge waste of resources. They will transport the suitable large materials after they are fried, and the small materials will not be needed because those small materials have little value.

The real “Chinese black” in the market is rare.

2. Vicious price war

Leading to the market shrinking According to our understanding, the cheaper the stone, the more stones are sold. How can the stone market shrink due to the cheap price?

This is because although the price war may gain development space for a certain enterprise and a certain variety of products in the short term, once the entire industry is forced to follow up the price war, it will cause prices to fall under constant market demand. The end result is that no one makes money.

The most famous products that have fallen due to price wars are the black and white roots and the silver and white dragons.

These two types of stone have a black background with irregular white lines and are used to decorate the ground, countertops and walls after polishing. However, with the brutal growth in recent years, the number of stone factories has increased sharply. Many stone factories have reduced their prices in order to attract customers. This has led to a sudden increase in stone demand for a period of time and large-scale mining of mines. Difficult, the price of black and white root fell by 1/3, making the stone processing plant unprofitable, the sales enthusiasm of the stone factory was hit, and the sales volume was reduced. At this time, the mining scale was too large, causing the supply of wool to exceed market demand. The ability to sell wool stones at a low price has further reduced the price, which has made the entire market unprofitable.

Compared with the price war of the black and white roots, the silver and white dragon can be said to be a criminal price war. If foreign companies do this, they can be sentenced to dumping.

3. Fashion is a circle, different times have different aesthetics

In the final analysis, stone belongs to a building decoration material, and different times have different aesthetic habits.

In the market’s “cold” style, gray and white stone began to be welcomed by the market. For example, the demand for gray Hermes gray, white snowflake white, and fish belly white began to soar. Some stones are discarded because they are outdated.

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