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A Brief Analysis Of | Affecting The Competitiveness Of Global Wood-Based Panel Processing Industry

In today’s world, the wood-based panel technology of developed countries in North America and Europe is the most advanced. The whole wood net has combed the development situation of wood-based panel industry in the world.

  1. conditions of forest resources

The abundance of forest resources is an important basic condition that affects the competitiveness of wood-based panel industry, but it is not a necessary and sufficient condition for the competitiveness.

Countries with rich forest resources can only export primary wood products, such as logs and sawn wood, if they lack the economic, technological and market conditions for the development of domestic industries. For example, Russia has abundant forest resources but the wood-based board industry has not been able to develop.

Countries with poor forest resources can realize the optimization and allocation of industrial resources worldwide through economic integration, complete the import of primary products, and enhance the added value of products after reprocessing. At the same time, by actively planting artificial forests and exploring alternative products of wood raw materials, such as the production of crop straw wood-based panels: in this respect, China’s forest products scientific research has always been at the forefront, breaking through the bottleneck of forest resources, and improving the competitiveness of China’s wood industry.

Industrial technology level

The competitiveness of wood-based panel processing industry is closely related to the level of industrial technology. In order to overcome the raw material bottleneck in the development of wood-based panel industry and achieve the goal of high yield and low emission, the international wood-based panel machinery is developing towards large-scale, high-speed, automatic and high-tech.

Feature 1: equipment upsizing. It can realize continuous and automatic production, improve labor productivity and reduce production cost.

Characteristic 2: run high efficiency. The use efficiency of the equipment is continuously improved, the feeding speed is greatly improved, and the production competitiveness of the equipment is strengthened.

Feature 3: operation automation. The production process of wood-based panel has realized the automatic management of key technical control points and reduced the rate of defective products.

Feature 4: diverse USES. With the help of the strong national innovation ability, new wood-based panel machinery has been continuously developed to meet the domestic and international needs of insufficient wood resources and changing product structure.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

The energy saving and environmental protection index of wood-based panel industry is the key to its competitiveness.

The road of industrialization that developed economy country goes through develops first then manages, become these country hind industrialization painful. Faced with the huge cost of environmental deterioration caused by industrialization, the wood processing industry in western countries generally adopts the sustainable development model of circular economy. Wood-based panel equipment has more energy saving and environmental protection requirements, wood-based panel products many implementation of FSC certification. Only environmentally friendly recyclable products, in order to win the trust of consumers.

Due to the development of wood related industry, wood industry has a rigid demand (substitute for smaller wood products), which leads to the rapid development of wood-based panel processing industry and the display of competitiveness. We can give full play to our competitive advantages, draw on each other’s strengths and make the industry more potential for development!

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Source: China floor network