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Marble Bay Window (sill stone) Knowledge

Speak of wave window, a lot of door now can join this kind of element when the design. Bay window, from the name is not difficult to see, is the window that floats out. Shape is generally: there is a step, a completely landing, and the ground one integrated whole, they not only increase the function of house lighting, ventilation, but also for the commercial housing facade added architectural charm. Be equipped with wave window in the bedroom, not only can enjoy sufficient indoor light, still can enjoy beautiful landscape outdoor fully, advocate lie wave window pays attention to reflect sweet halcyon more.

The building material that decorates bay window also is quite much, nevertheless when most person decorates windowsill, can choose to use marble more, why? Listen to the story. The choice of windowsill board concerns wave window practical, beautiful sex and safety. The windowsill on the market decorates material to pledge very much, have marble, granite, man-made stone, still have lumber windowsill board to wait. In numerous materials, marble should be the first selection of windowsill board, marble color grain is beautiful and easy, and very durable, in daily household use easy to clean and keep clean.

Marble bay window option

Above all, wave window should face as follows 2 problems: (1), insolate, in the position of the window, wave window is little not basked in by the sun; (2), rain, in the case of the window is not closed, this is an accident, as long as a little attention can be avoided.

Secondly, bay window as hard late inconvenient reloading! Bay window was put in the design during the hard installation. If it is damaged later, it is difficult to rebuild it. Therefore, the material of bay window sill, durable very important! Who also does not want him to live window of wave of a few years is broken, next elegant emotional appeal was destroyed so!

Marble is strong, durable and has a long service life. Moreover, the natural texture gives it a unique decorative effect; Not afraid of the sun, occasionally a little rain rain came in it doesn’t matter; Good moisture resistance. Most wave window is to be used to do store content, those who receive is in the majority, had designed the cabinet, upper part adds marble mesa, appearance level is tall very practical again.

Marble bay window price

Already introduced above, the material that can serve as wave window is very much, marble, granite, man-made stone is waited a moment. The price of marble windowsill should decide according to the actual demand of the user, its influence factor included the type material that marble pledges, the dimension of windowsill to wait. The purchase of window sill board of li shi is to be a board with the length width of half meter left and right sides, the number of board that user calculates place to need according to the specific area of oneself window sill. Plus its different breed style, the price of different and rare degree Dali SLATE, final ability roughly infers the price of marble windowsill.

Marble bay window installation and maintenance

First, of course, some preparation. Some marble stone qualitative comparison is loose, when marble is sent so marble is being sent, had better check marble whether damage, crack phenomenon. The second is window cleaning. Clean up, do not have a large granule stone, so as not to hit the bad marble. The marble sill has a 3cm brim, which extends to the sides for about 10cm. For the safety of the marble, the wall was grooved, the little cap brim was embedded in it when the installation, and then filled and fixed with cement mortar. Install master measure measure, in marble line, cut. This is the true technical work, the test of the master’s craft how. When cutting, pay attention to the following pad is wood, to pad stable, the home is warm to pay attention to the cutting machine can not miss the cut to the ground. Cut good, nine curved eighteen cut down or so complete a piece, the master’s craft need not say more. Sprinkle a little water on the windowsill, cement mortar wipe evenly.

Some of the more popular light-colored marble, such as the beige marble in this example, must be white cement. The tension of the white cement is a little milder and won’t damage the marble. Installation time but very nervous, a slight imprudence, a piece of marble may become two, this is also a test of the master’s skills and experience. Fortunately, the master’s technology is very good, marble intact installation. This is the little piece of “hat-brim” marble. When installed, the marble dries out and is smoothed out with cement mortar so that the marble brim is inserted into the wall and secured.

Install good wait ten minutes, marble surface will be wiped clean. Do not place heavy objects above the first two days of installation to prevent empty drums.

Construction should pay attention to the quality of the problem1. The marble sill plate cannot be inserted into the cap groove below the window; Before construction should check the condition that window sill board installs, when construction should hold to preinstall, undertake fixing after accord with a requirement. 2, windowsill bottom pad is not solid, twist ash is not strict; Wooden, metal windowsill board leveling strip elevation is not consistent, uneven. Do every working procedure carefully in the construction, leveling, pad solid, twist strict, fixed firm. Cross empty windowsill plank bracket should install level, make bracket bears force equably. 3. Many spliced window sills are uneven and not straight; Processing windowsill board is long, wide exceed deviation, thickness is not consistent. Construction should pay attention to the same specifications in the same place.

Marble bay window maintenance

As a result of marble of this kind of material main composition is caco3 calcium, easy and acid alkali produce chemical reaction, bring about the salt flower of white to appear in a lot of aperture, destroy beautiful sex thereby. Encounter this kind of circumstance, it is because of marble circumjacent and ground floor did not make waterproof commonly cause. If already fanjian, can according to degree weight, clean agent of stone material to deal with, want to let it dry adequately after processing, just can avoid fanjian again. We can discover, when just scrubbed, its surface is very bright, but after drying, have some however hair black, appear when this kind of circumstance most can choose to wax to marble windowsill. Especially cannot wax, the wax on the market can block the fine hole of marble surface, easy and dirt union form wax scale, and wax contains ammonia kind of material, have certain harm to human body and to the environment. The surface of marble is smooth, because it has been polished, so the scratch on the marble is easy to be found, affecting the appearance. Therefore in the daily use process to avoid being scratched by hard objects. In addition, this kind of material is easy permeable, because this should not put flowerpot as far as possible above, appear apparent color piece easily, and purify very hard, affect beautiful.

Above is the industry information provided by SURFACES China. For more information, please visit SURFACES China’s official website. Or take a look at the stone exhibition.

Source: stone institute