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Some Problems Faced By The Rise Of Stone Carving Industry

Recently, the Chinese sculpture art market is very hot, but contemporary sculpture art is regressive, is not deep cultural background, the lack of value standards, money and utility is the reality of the Chinese sculpture art industry is facing problems.

Lost cultural deposits not deep value standards

First of all, most of the practitioners only master a skill to make a living, without a deep cultural foundation, which is impossible to do in-depth research. They need industry leaders to make contributions to cultural accumulation. In addition, there are many misunderstandings in many art creations, such as blind innovation and excessive westernization. There are profound connotations in ancient Chinese skills, and the pursuit of warm and moist materials can reflect the philosophical thoughts of ancient literati. However, many contemporary practitioners have too superficial inheritance of traditional culture and criticize it in vain, while collectors do not understand the value standards and cannot effectively restrain practitioners.

The regression of contemporary sculpture

The creation of traditional Chinese arts and crafts is produced by the cooperation of collectors, literati and craftsmen, that is, collectors put forward requirements and provide resources, literati design “styles”, and craftsmen are responsible for specific operations. And Chinese contemporary arts and lack of creativity, the technologist to dependence is too high, “style” from the “style” that could not creation, and this is the current form increasingly representational root carving, technicians due to a lack of thought and creativity, can only rely on duplicate copy, make what they see, “realism” had become their sources of “style”.

From the vigorous and straightforward of qin and han dynasties to the fine and complicated Ming and qing dynasties, it is a process from abstraction to concreteness. The development direction of eastern and western sculpture art is completely opposite. Western sculpture from the beginning of *** only regard stone as the carrier, gradually experience the aesthetic feeling of stone, that stone has its own language, can communicate with people, and Chinese traditional art originally advocated the unity of man and nature, contemporary sculpture art is too pursuit of representativeness, performance complex, ignore the natural expression of stone.

Central academy of fine arts professor gong of the blunt, direct points out from the abstract to the concrete is Chinese contemporary sculpture art, satisfied with the current domestic carving level extremely, waste a lot of precious materials, and points out that the creation of contemporary Chinese arts and crafts to rely on the resources integration, namely, collectors, literati, the technologist tripartite cooperation, limited to arts and crafts master of circles there is no way out.

Money and utility

The history of art is originated from the arts and crafts. Contemporary Chinese sculpture cannot be separated from other art categories. Each category needs to learn from each other and absorb nutrition, but it cannot rely on imitation and should have its own art language. Artistic creation needs solid basic skills, wonderful theme creativity, wonderful artistic effect, all need to have wonderful technology as support, can not ignore the basic learning.

In addition, the current social environment provides artists with a very superior material basis and social status, but the achievements of art are often born from the creation process of simplicity and quietness without utilitarianism. In such an environment, artists need to straighten out the relationship between art and money.In the current situation of numerous and confused industry, the development direction of Chinese contemporary stone carving art is where, how to find a way to the rise of Chinese contemporary stone carving art, still need to explore, will be a long-term and complex problem.

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Source: hundred stone net