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Stone Craft | Wall Stone Material And Top Face Intersection Receiving Port

An overview of the

Metope with top stone, in the construction of interior decoration is common for metope stone or wood veneer with plasterboard condole supports the condole top of transition, the interface of different materials due to the differences, such as physics characteristic, space environment and the factors such as climate change, at the junction often appear crack, deformation and its own defects on the surface defects such as.

The construction sequence

Combine construction actual, answer to seal board in condole top commonly (finish of paint of emulsioni for the first time), circumjacent modelling (contain wood to adorn the installation such as condole top to finish) hind installation, shop sticks metope stone material.

The construction technology

  1. Stone materials: grooves, chamfers and Spaces can be set at the interface of the wall and top surface when deepening the design. Generally, stone materials on the wall should not be directly hard touched with the top surface. Its main purpose is to overcome various quality defects caused by different physical properties of different interfaces. The specific performance is as follows:(1) slotting, chamfering and leaving space can effectively avoid the construction problems such as the difficulty in closing, stone edge blasting and cross pollution caused by the contact between the stone and the top surface.(2) grooving or chamfering can beautify the process and increase the decorative effect.
  2.  Ceiling: in deepening the design, the surrounding of the ceiling shall be set with stacked grade or groove. The wall stone shall be directly placed on the ceiling, and the stone shall be chamfered by 2mm*2mm.Schematic diagram of main closing node1, set the process groove: namely, set 8*8 cutting orifice at the junction between the wall stone upper mouth and the ceiling plate surface. After the completion of stone installation, a process groove will be formed between the stone and the top surface. The change process groove will actually push the interface back 8mm, so that the defects generated by the interface after the completion of decoration will be “hidden” in the process groove.
  3.  Set chamfering: generally, 45° chamfering of 5mm*5mm is used in the upper front of a stone on the top of the wall, and then the stone is directly topped to the ceiling. After completion, 5mm edges are naturally formed between the stone surface and the ceiling, effectively avoiding defects such as stone edge explosion and crack at the junction.
  4.  Blank setting: for the stone wall with a high height (generally over 6m) and a large construction area, leave a gap of about 20mm between the top of the stone and the ceiling. Meanwhile, chamfering Angle in the front of the top of the stone is 2mm*2mm, so as to overcome the stone explosion defect and hide the defect of the interface.
  5.  Groove set on the ceiling: cascade or groove is set on the periphery of the ceiling, and the stone material on the wall is directly placed on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the stone material on the top of the wall is chamfered at a 45° Angle of 2mm*2mm.Construction requirements1, the ceiling panel such as gypsum board should be installed first and latex paint putty base must be processed in place.2, gypsum board and other panels should be installed flat (arch radian in accordance with the requirements of the specification), firm no loose.

Matters needing attention1, stone top groove, groove deep should not exceed the stone thickness of 1/2. If 20mm thick stone, groove depth should not exceed 10mm, normal with 8mm appropriate.2. If the wall stone adopts the form of dry hanging, the dry pendant at the top of the wall should not be more than 80mm away from the top of the stone.3, not resistant to pollution of the hole stone, sandstone and other stone materials, after installation should be timely packaged finished products (to prevent the construction of latex paint surface caused by cross pollution).4. The above digital dimensions of stone craft groove, chamfer and ceiling groove are only for construction reference, which can be determined according to the design and the actual situation on site.

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