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In The Face Of Emergencies Plate Enterprises To Seize The Initiative

Due to factors such as the production of products, plate enterprises tend to hoard a large amount of wood and paint, which are flammable goods. Sometimes, due to operational errors, or outdated equipment, backward production technology and other factors will lead to the existence of some safety risks. When hidden trouble happens how should plank enterprise deal with?

  1. We should seize the initiative and make information public in response to emergencies

When a company suffers a public relations crisis, it usually organizes a crisis public relations team. The human resources department is an important member of the group, whose main functions include: supporting crisis management, participating in crisis event strategy formulation and coordinating group public relations resources; At the same time, establish internal communication mechanism to ensure the smooth flow of information and do a good job in the communication and comfort of internal staff. Seizing the initiative and information disclosure are two important principles for enterprises to deal with crisis public relations. This is especially true when dealing with internal employees and their families, especially the families of the victims. Seizing the initiative means that human resources departments need to keep track of employee information, mainly injuries and deaths. Timely and actively report to other employees and the public, and state the company’s position — the cause of the accident is not clear, further investigation is needed, the company has organized relevant personnel to carry out relevant work, we hope that everyone can calmly treat and actively cooperate.

Disclosure means that human resources departments need to provide employees and the public with the latest information about accidents and the relevant movements of management. Of course, we need to discuss with senior management about how to publish and what to say.

At the same time, the human resources department should also start to arrange the placement of personnel after the accident. First, relevant information about employee insurance should be sorted out, relevant procedures and regulations should be sorted out and issued to employees. Meanwhile, relevant and necessary supporting documents should be prepared. The second is to work out a later period of staff comfort plan with the senior management, mainly involving whether to pay pension, the amount of development, payment time, and the results of timely release and do a good job of explanation.

The comfort plan can also involve the management of employees in the later period, such as the training of employees’ safety knowledge, the organization of safety exercises, the rearrangement of relevant post responsibilities and operating standards and the selection of personnel standards. Thus, the possibility of safety accidents caused by human factors is reduced.

Second, a good plan in order to better deal with emergencies

And when accidents do happen, how should companies cope? Take fire as an example:1. Establish an emergency team. Contact fire department/hospital and other relevant departments to timely announce the progress of the matter, and make all employees as clear as possible and voluntarily cooperate with the implementation of our emergency plan;2. Please check the personnel and follow up by category;3, do a good job in the emergency work to ensure that the impact of the production of the enterprise to a minimum. Follow up logistics service work.

There are several problems worth our thinking: after knowing that the plate material is flammable, why did not do the corresponding measures? How did the accident happen?

From the point of view of enterprise management, we must have a plan before the risk has not happened, be prepared for danger in times of peace, in case of accidents is the enterprise, do management, tube safety must have consciousness. The role of the contingency plan is to help enterprises in the event of a crisis, can have a basis, can avoid because of the emergency and negligence of the key emergency. In addition, enterprises should regularly train employees on self-help ability. Especially for high-risk jobs, it is necessary for enterprises to let everyone learn self-help and know how to save themselves.

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