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Industry reshuffle! How stone dealers break traditional barriers and embrace new retail

As we all know, BAT is the abbreviation of the three domestic Internet giants, B is Baidu, A is Alibaba, and T is Tencent. In the 20 years since the development of the Internet, BAT, the three Internet giants, has been recognized by everyone.

In the past year, when people discussed BAT as the first echelon company in China, the public’s attention gradually turned to the second echelon. Three years ago, Ma Yun once said that the pattern of China’s top three Internets would change from BAT to ATM.

As for who the M in the ATM is, there has been much debate. After all, Ant Financial, Meituan, and Xiaomi are all related to “M”, and they are also unicorns.

So, is this “ATM” a hot group that spreads on the Internet?

According to the data, as of October 4, Meituan Review closed up 2.79% (at HK $ 84.7), the stock price once again set a new listing high. Meituan Review has a market value of about 590 billion Hong Kong dollars, which has surpassed and Baidu, becoming the third largest Internet in China. ladder.

It is worth noting that Meituan is deploying the entire catering industry through “new retail” through its own traffic. With strong capital and strong traffic support, Internet giants are changing the rules of the restaurant industry.

In such an era of economic transformation, scenes are products, sharing is acquisition, cross-borders are links, and explosions are traffic.

The times are changing more and more rapidly. The Internet, mobile Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence … a variety of new things, new technologies emerge endlessly, not only to steal your money, but also to completely subvert you you! Looking at the world, the real windfall is obtained by standing on the tuyere. What does the tuyere mean? Means the market dividend period, which means that pigs will fly.

As the pioneer of the pan-home furnishing industry router model, Zebra Warehouse is bringing the Internet to the vertical industry of home building materials, using social e-commerce S2B2b2c model and OMO new retail model, using digital tools and smart technology to empower home physical building material business, and unicorn The situation is quietly changing the pattern of this industry.

Who is Zebra Warehouse?

Located in the dream town of the future science and technology city near Hangzhou Alibaba, which is the leading Internet technology in the country, Zebra Warehouse, adhering to the mission of “technology makes services smarter”, through resource integration, it has become a Saas-based system that integrates product platforms and sales. Platform, logistics platform and service platform as a one-stop complete building materials supply chain S2b2c platform.

Zebra warehouse technology empowerment

1.BIM system

At present, the most advanced complete system on the market, the floor plan is completed in 10 minutes, accurate to the millimeter, and the materials in the rendering provide detailed product labels, what you see is what you get.

2. Big data precision marketing

Customers who have recently paid attention to home improvement materials or searched for “building materials” and “home improvement” will be accurately collected under big data statistics.

3.AR fast measuring room

Zebra warehouse speed 3D light structure measuring room black technology, one picture + tablet can use AR fast measuring room.

4.Saas home brain system

Saas system: The most mature cloud computing model, the management can grasp the company’s entire conversion rate from market activities to sales leads to business opportunities and orders in real time.

5.Zebra Warehouse CRM

Improve the signing rate, automatically create customer information, and communicate with users at any time without the need to add friends, and follow up on user status in real time.

6. Zebra warehouse ERP management artifact

Independently dispatch and allocate work, 24 hours real-time monitoring and early warning, and check the construction progress and personnel situation at any time.

7.Banji Mall

A platform (S2B2b2c) that provides a membership-based e-commerce service for the pan-home industry. The platform integrates and optimizes the supply chain resources of home furnishings, furniture, and the home industry, and integrates the sales terminals of physical merchants in the pan-home industry. OMO) new retail model (one store, two shops).

8.Smart sharing exhibition hall

9. “Magic Mirror”

The country’s first “brush face” drainage artifact.

10.VR3.0 Application

1: 1 reduction, 30,000 kinds of virtual materials and one-to-one correspondence with real products, what you see is what you get, attract customers and promote orders.

11. Supply chain system

Gathering nearly 200 first-line home improvement home brands worldwide

12. Zebra warehouse mode

A fast-growing Internet company cannot be separated from the strong support behind it! Zebra Warehouse has Alibaba’s rich resources, as well as an Internet, home improvement, management, operation, brand, A super team of sales elites has laid a stable foundation for the company’s development.

At the speed of the industry first, Zebra Warehouse has an average monthly layout of 30 cities. At present, more than 600 urban areas have been included in the map, covering 1200 urban areas. It is planned to cover the whole country with a high-quality supply chain system in 2019, and the transaction volume of the strategic planning platform will exceed 10 billion in 2020!

From the model innovation of S2b2c to the comprehensive upgrade of industrial routers, Zebra Warehouse has always led the transformation and upgrading of the industry; with the continuous increase of R & D investment, various black technologies of Zebra Warehouse have become more mature. The underlying architecture is giving Zebra Cang’s home brain a unique advantage. Share our partners’ back-end warehousing data, reduce inventory, and turn safety into danger.

Source: Stone Network