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“Expresser” Of Urban Characteristics

“Expresser” of urban characteristics

With the accelerated development of urbanization, while bringing convenience to the city, the problem of homogenization is also very obvious. The distinction between urban individuals is becoming more and more blurred, and the city is becoming more and more similar and hard to recognize. How to better highlight the urban personality has become a problem for modern city thinking. In this case, a landmark project that can be condensed, condensed, reflected and refracted, and represents the overall characteristics of a city, is particularly important. It can not only serve as a public symbol of a city, but also serve as a symbol of a city. This small series selects 5 landmark cases, from public space to hotel, commercial complex to sports center and business center. Although the functions are different, they all become coordinators of urban spatial order and expressors of urban characteristic culture to different degrees.

Visertower, a 16-story circular climbing structure with 2,465 steps and 80 landing steps, is a new public landmark in Hudson’s main public square, overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan’s visertower, which has become the centerpiece of the square. The Hudson park, one of the largest real estate projects in American history, aims to transform an old train station on Manhattan’s upper west side into a new neighborhood and create a series of new public Spaces and gardens totaling more than five acres.

Designed by HKS architecture in collaboration with Aflalo e Gasperini Arquitetos as Brazil’s first four seasons hotel and private residence, the landmark gives the South American nation its first glimpse of the elegance, style and quality of service of the globally renowned five-star brand. The 29-storey building, nestled between the green verges of the pinera river south of Sao Paulo, boasts 258 hotel rooms and 84 private homes, six floors of underground car parking. Guests, owners and local residents can enjoy two dining rooms, a world-class spa, a uniquely designed semi-outdoor swimming pool and other amenities. With 1,409 square meters of meeting and event space, the hotel can accommodate up to 400 people and host conferences, dances and weddings. On top of the building is a garden for residents only, with a bird ‘s-eye view of the Brazilian city.

ICONSIAM is one of the most eye-catching new development projects in Asia, a super large complex destination with a total development of 750,000 square meters, integrating commercial shopping center, residence, art and culture into one. Benoy is responsible for leading the interior design of the commercial area of the development, and is also responsible for conceiving the overall architectural design concept to create a modern shopping destination for local and international tourists.

Suzhou Olympic sports center is located in suzhou industrial park, koto core area, planning a total area of nearly 60 hectares, with a total construction area of 360000 square meters, a total investment of nearly 6 billion yuan, is a collection of sports, leisure, fitness, business, entertainment, theatrical performances, multifunctional ecotype of class a sports center, contains a (stadium), 2 hall, gymnasium, swimming pool and other sports buildings, as well as the commercial plaza and outdoor sports park and other supporting commercial and recreational facilities. As the largest public sports facility in suzhou city, suzhou Olympic sports center (formerly known as suzhou industrial park sports center, hereinafter referred to as suzhou Olympic sports center) has attracted much attention since its establishment. The completion of this new landmark opens a new door for suzhou’s sports construction, becomes a new landmark leading the healthy life of all people in suzhou, and opens a new era of national fitness.

This project contains deep meaning of the shape, crafty window wall ratio, shaping the region’s unique skyline. Inspired by Constantine brancusi’s endless column, the building features a undulating obelisk with a diagonally sloping zigzag outline. Each side of the sculpture consists of four stacked volumes. The dense wall surface formed by a series of converted column network can effectively shade the sun, reduce the glare of glass and create a sense of urban solidity. The project consists of a 38-storey office tower and a 12-storey podium with a commercial and underground car park. The landscape design takes full advantage of the proximity to the park, extending the experience of resting and walking in the lush natural environment.

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