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“SLATE” Blowout? Is The Cross-border “Robbery” Artifact Or A Flash In The Pan?

Nearly two years of home exhibition at home and abroad, the traditional application of natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone and even glass, metal and other materials in the field of the home such as ambry, wardrobe and even the door plate, desktop were replaced by a black horse born in the sky, sweep everyone home and custom household field, it is — rock plate.

At present, the rock plate has become one of the hottest products, even some people use the “blowout” description, that is the new wind mouth, but some people say that this is a flash in the pan, become climate. So, what is the development situation of SLATE? What are its future prospects? Does ceramic industry new round market blue sea fight to kill begin?

What is a SLATE?

There is no definite definition and standard about rock plate in ceramic industry. A few days ago, lishi rock plate release conference, there are several schools in the interpretation of the definition of “rock plate” : size theory, rock plate refers to the size of 1200×2400mm larger than the ceramic plate; Water absorption rate theory, water absorption rate double zero below the ceramic plate; Molding theory, to roll or belt molding (mainly implied by the Italian ceramic plate equipment molding, do not accept dry pressure molding of the ceramic plate) of the ceramic plate.

Professional personage inside course of study expresses, compare with traditional ceramic tile, rock plank can lay stick the ground and metope not only, still extend application to the field such as ambry, furniture, broke through the limitation that traditional ceramic tile applies at ground wall adornment purely, become a kind of plank material on true sense; And rock plank mesa quality is less than 1/3 of traditional ceramic tile, traditional ceramic tile all weighs 23-27kgs/㎡, and ultrathin rock plank all weighs only 7kgs/㎡, its ply also is only 1/3 of traditional ceramic tile. The large size specification of rock plate and the effect that connect grain make its to compare traditional ceramic tile lay stick more high-end, atmosphere.

Related industry insiders said recently, “rock board” as a plate, and is different from the ceramic tile, ceramic tile is usually reserved for the shop is stuck, “rock plate” also can be used as a plank after secondary processing (mainly cutting, grinding, assembly, etc.), so you should ask “rock board” has a good secondary processing performance, there may be “rock board”, product toughness and elastic parameters, relative to ordinary ceramic tile more toughness and elasticity, easy cutting, grinding, chamfering and other secondary processing.

Change the competitive pattern of ceramic industry?

The emergence of rock plate seems to make the domestic building materials industry discovered an untapped market segments, for ceramics, rock plate in the mode of production process and application are different from traditional brick of pottery and porcelain, is a kind of disruptive innovation, but when the ceramic is one step ahead, can quickly expand the market, expand the application range of the ceramic tile industry.

As a kind of cross-boundary material, the emergence of rock plate will change the competitive pattern of ceramic industry to some extent. Rock board manufacturers should not only closely communicate and develop with glazing enterprises, product design companies and other cooperative enterprises, but also be good at learning the advanced experience of leading foreign rock board enterprises, such as Italy, to pull a small gap.

The current situation of rock plate market

As for the rapid development of the SLATE, the industry said that “a little unexpected”, experts think its own development cycle should be at least two or three years away. But now it looks at least half as fast. The combination of industry and market demand is probably the main reason for its rapid growth.” From the earliest access to the domestic market of three sitemu rock plate production lines: gold medal, Nobel, crown beads, to now to the representative of domestic technology Mona Lisa henglitai (YP16800) rock plate production line, only a few years. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 40 big rock plate production lines put into production in the world, and at least 3 new big rock plate production lines will be added in China in 2019. Some people in the industry have made relevant statistical prediction that the production line of rock plate is expected to increase exponentially next year, which shows its hot degree.

Tooling market

Rock plate hot without its varied specifications, the main reason of the thickness are available with flexible shape features, such as shape and rock plate once the shop is stuck, the expression of its texture, texture and component, pervious to light effect as stone, but the price is generally lower than stone factors make it such as designers and engineering business.

Rock board will be the future direction of decoration design field, is the appeal of aesthetics, art and lifestyle, is a technical breakthrough in the ceramic industry, from the traditional field into the field of everyone’s sword products, according to product specifications, performance and aesthetic needs, rock board should be said to be decorative space can be applied to the almighty product. In addition, according to the trend of industry development and the upgrading of decoration application equipment structure, the larger market of rock slab in the future should be in the construction engineering decoration market.

Compared with home life, the future of the rock plate in engineering application ratio or will be greater. Rock board can be used in hotels, high-end clubs, large public buildings, special places (such as hospitals) and other places. With the continuous maturity of SLATE technology and technology, as well as the gradual reduction of cost, stone will gradually show greater advantages than stone. But it also tests the enterprise’s ability to expand channels, engineering public relations and supply, service capacity.

According to the visit of ceramic information reporters, most ceramic enterprises are optimistic about the consistency of the prospect of rock plate. Many enterprises in addition to increase the production line of rock plate, rock plate processing plant, also began to establish a household business division, the development of household custom channels. The ceramic industry, which is always robbed across the boundary, has also started to take steps to seize the market in natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone and even glass, metal and other fields.

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Source: China ceramics network