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The Nature And Classification Of Stone!

01 granite

Granite is a kind of tectonic rock formed when lava erupts from volcano rises to the surface of crust under the condition of melting under considerable pressure, and the magma is not ejected from the ground but slowly cooled and solidified underground. It is a kind of deep-formed acidic igneous rock and belongs to magmatic rock.

Advantages: high bearing capacity; Good compression resistance and grinding ductility; Easy to cut, can create a sheet large plate; High density makes stains difficult to penetrate. In a word, granite has super durability.

Application: generally used in exterior packaging, roof, floor and various floor decoration. Doorsill, ambry mesa, outdoor ground also suits to use granite.

02 marble

Marble originally refers to the white limestone with black pattern produced in Dali, yunnan. Its section can form a natural ink landscape painting. Later, “marble” is gradually used to name all the limestone with various color patterns and used as architectural decoration materials.

Advantages: high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, easy to process. Marble is general and physical property is softer, suit to be used at metope, indoor ground more than granite.

Application: marble polished very beautiful, mainly used for processing into a variety of shape material, plate, for the building wall, ground, Taiwan, column, also commonly used for memorial buildings such as stele, tower, statue and other materials. Marble can also be carved into arts and crafts, stationery, lamps and lanterns, utensils and other practical art.

03 sandstone

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock formed in the basin by weathering, denudation and transportation of the rocks in the source area. Australian sandstone, Indian sandstone, Spanish sandstone and Chinese sandstone have been exploited in the world, among which the most popular color and pattern is Australian sandstone.

Advantages: Australian sandstone is an ecological environment friendly stone, its products have no pollution, no radiation, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation, anti-slip and other characteristics.

Application: sandstone is the most widely used stone, its noble and elegant temperament, natural environmental characteristics of the construction of the history of the blossoming wonderful work. Hundreds of years ago with sandstone decoration and become the Louvre, British royal palace, Harvard University, Notre Dame DE Paris, and so on, is still the charm and classic.

04 culture stone

Culture stone is a general term. Natural culture stone can be divided into sedimentary sandstone and hard SLATE. Artificial cultural stone products are made of cement, sand, ceramic particles and other inorganic pigments after professional processing and special steaming process.

Advantages: environmental protection and energy saving, light weight, high strength, good thawing resistance.

Application: generally used for external walls or interior decoration, such as bars, villas, restaurants and other architectural sites, in order to achieve the effect of archaize. Its application is very wide, can be used for new buildings, can also be used for renovation of old buildings, indoor and outdoor can be used; Any type can be produced, any color can be made for any type.

Source: stonebuy