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Analysis of China’s PVC floor market size and competition pattern in 2020

PVC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly home improvement material. It is produced by using polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, adding heavy calcium powder, plasticizer, stabilizer and other auxiliary materials through calendering or extrusion. The common PVC floor consists of bottom layer, middle layer, printed fabric layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer in order from bottom to surface. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, easy to install, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, non-slip, and fire-retardant Etc.

Export-oriented PVC floor

Polyvinyl chloride, the main raw material of PVC flooring, is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, in the United States and Europe and other developed countries and regions, PVC flooring has gradually replaced wooden floors, tiles, carpets, etc. Traditional floor decoration materials. Due to the late arrival of PVC flooring in the Chinese market, especially in the field of home improvement, domestic consumption concepts still prefer traditional flooring materials such as wooden flooring. Overall, PVC flooring accounts for a relatively small market size in China.

At present, China’s PVC flooring products are still mainly exported. With the increasing demand of developed countries for PVC flooring, China’s total export of PVC flooring has continued to increase, and under the background of the continuous transfer of PVC flooring production companies in the world to developing countries, China’s position in the international PVC flooring trade has continued to rise, gradually becoming The world’s largest exporter of PVC flooring. According to data from China Customs, the export value of China’s PVC flooring increased from 1.972 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 to 4.598 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.57% and a rapid growth rate.

Strong domestic demand for PVC flooring

Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, although the popularity of domestic PVC flooring is low, in recent years PVC flooring has covered residential, commercial office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other fields, and the industry is about to enter a stage of rapid development. According to Shanghai TOPIX Futures Statistics, the domestic demand for PVC flooring has increased from 170 million square meters in 2014 to 260 million square meters in 2017, with an average annual increase of up to 15%, which has great growth potential.

In recent years, driven by factors such as urbanization, aging of the population, and full liberalization of the second-born child policy, the demand for construction of public places in the fields of education, pensions, sports and health has continued to increase. Features such as anti-slip have been widely used in the above fields, and gradually expanded to the home decoration market. In the future, with the steady development of China’s real estate, early childhood education, pension and other industries, it will be beneficial to the rapid growth of the demand for PVC flooring market.

PVC floor market concentration is not high

China is the most important producer of PVC flooring. There are many companies engaged in the production of PVC flooring. Domestic enterprises mainly use OEM and ODM models for international flooring brands and building materials retailers. The business is mainly export-oriented. The concentration is not high and competition is fierce.

In recent years, with the expansion of market demand and the strong support of the government’s green environmental protection policy, the PVC flooring industry has achieved rapid growth, and the overall technical level and product development capabilities of the industry have improved compared with the past. At present, a number of large and medium-sized PVC floor manufacturing companies with certain product development capabilities and efficient production capabilities have been formed in East China and South China, such as Taizhou Huali Plastic Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Yihua Plastic Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Tianzhen Bamboo and Wood Development Co., Ltd. Companies, Zhangjiagang Aili Household Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Haixiang New Materials Co., Ltd., etc., relying on the comprehensive advantages of channels, quality, technology, scale, etc., these companies have achieved relatively leading industry positions. By introducing foreign advanced production equipment and domestic professional Talents, forming independent product design concepts and production technology, have the strength to provide stable and high-quality PVC flooring for overseas companies. In the future, as competition continues to intensify, market share will continue to be concentrated in advantageous manufacturing enterprises, and industry concentration will gradually increase.

Source: China Business Information Network