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Tile knowledge sharing

“Well, how do you say that this tile should look good? And how should this joint be done? Many people’s homes have not done the joint filling, and it won’t be long before the gap in the tile becomes dark …

In the matter of decorating the house, everyone did not spend much time on it. However, having said that, the tile is really a key step in the home decoration. Once installed, the home is beautiful; if the installation is not good and the extra money is spent, the home is also a failure.

What should I do if the tiles are black?

Why do tiles need to be filled?

When is caulking best?

What is the best grout?

How does the tile look good?

How to make the colors of the tiles in the home similar to the gaps?

Why fill the gap?

If you have decoration experience, everyone must know that there must be a gap when applying tiles.

That’s because the density of the tiles is very large, and there is thermal expansion and contraction. If there is no gap, there will be a large area of ​​empty drums in the tile over time.

So be sure to leave the seams on the tiles. But as soon as there is a seam, it is easy to hide ash, and it is easy for moisture to penetrate the cement layer and breed bacteria.

Type of caulking:

White cement, jointing agent, beauty joint

The materials for caulking on the market are probably these.

Most people certainly don’t understand them, and they can’t even figure out how to use them in the right place, so that in the later period, the gaps in the tiles of the home are blackened.

White cement

White cement and putty powder were the earliest joint filling materials, but the density and physical properties of these two materials were not very good.

A common situation is that the effect is satisfactory in a short time, but it will fall off and leak over time. After using it in a damp place, it will appear black hair mold, so it is almost eliminated now.

However, because white cement has a high degree of whiteness, many people still use this white cement to repair walls, but Xiao Bianjun wants to say that its strength is not suitable for wall repair.


The grout is an upgraded version of white cement.

It has better adhesion than white cement and putty powder, has higher abrasion resistance after drying, better strength, low water absorption, and is less susceptible to moisture.

There are two types of grouts: sand and non-sand. Generally speaking, matte glass and antique floor tiles are suitable for use with grouts with sand, as well as those with large gaps, such as cultural tiles and balconies.

To put it plainly, sand is used for large stitches, and sand free for small stitches.

Beauty sewing agent

To say that the hottest selling agent on the market today is this beauty joint. It is actually an upgraded version of the joint filler.

Beauty seams can be divided into one-component water-based epoxy resin and two-component oil-based epoxy resin.

The main ingredients are epoxy resin, and then the color is very rich, suitable for matching with various colored tiles.

The one-component water-based epoxy resin has a smooth and clean surface, is easy to clean, is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can avoid sanitary dead corners, so it can well solve the moldy condition of tiles in households in southern cities.

However, there are also shortcomings in a single group of beauty sewing agents.

It has insufficient adhesion.

Therefore, when the tile is not very flat, and then it encounters thermal expansion and contraction, it will easily crack between the seam and the gap between the tiles, which will cause the seam to peel and fall off.

This determines that a single group of beauty joints cannot be water-resistant for a long time. Once they contact the bathroom and the kitchen, they will age quickly, and because they are water-based ingredients, they will shrink to a certain extent during the curing process, and sometimes they will fill the gaps.

Do not use this single-component water-based beauty sealer in the bathroom and kitchen at home. It can be used on the tiles in the living room and used in places that do not come into contact with water regularly.

Two-component oil-based epoxy resin (also called: real porcelain glue, porcelain jointing agent, mildew-proof treasure, kitchen and toilet beauty joint, crystal steel glue, porcelain leveling joint, etc.).

It is a re-upgraded version of the single-component, oil-based epoxy resin component. Compared with the single-component, its physical and chemical properties are stable.

Various properties are far beyond a single group of beauty agents, water resistance, dirt resistance, mildew resistance, and the service life can be said to be permanent. Of course, its price is naturally the most expensive.

Therefore, when many people use it, they usually use a joint sealer first, and then leave a gap of 1.5mm before using these two sets of beauty joints.

When is the best seam?

Generally speaking, the wall tiles and floor tiles of the kitchen and bathroom are both glazed trowels, which are absorbent by themselves, so you need to soak water before paving the tiles, using the “wet paste”; but the general living room floor tiles are porcelain polished tiles “Dry paste” is used, so you don’t need to soak water, just use cement to paste.

Generally, the wall tiles are soaked in water for twenty to thirty minutes, but the specific time is based on the time when no bubbles are generated after soaking.

Personally, it is better to sew the tiles after one week, because the cement glue under the tiles will be cured and dried, and will not shrink again. (But the current tiler is afraid to wait too long, so he usually does not wait a week)

Kitchen, bathroom

In the bathroom and kitchen, cabinets and utensil racks are generally installed on the wall surface, and these utensil racks often press against the wall tiles, resulting in the glue gun being unable to inject the beauty agent into the gap, and then the gap junction is not perfect, which affects the aesthetics.

Therefore, remember to sew before installing the rack.

Living room, balcony

In the living room and balcony, the walls are usually painted with latex paint or wallpaper, which will generate a lot of garbage.

Therefore, in order to reduce the workload of cleaning, you can wait for these tasks to be completed before performing beautiful sewing.

 How does the tile look good?

The tiles need to look good, but the method is simple.

First you need to choose a method you want to apply, and then match it with a color-fitting beauty agent.

Generally, light-colored tiles are paired with darker colors, and dark-colored tiles are matched with light-colored beautifying agents.

Then in the tile sticking method, focused on the tile sticking method in the kitchen and bathroom. After all, these two places are the most used tiles in the home.

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