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The wall decoration is not only paint and wallpaper, but also the texture of the wall on the wooden board!

Wall decoration has always been a hot topic in decoration. Paint with colored paint, paste wallpapers, and choose beautiful decorative paintings. All of these hope to make the room look more comfortable and more distinctive through the decoration on the wall.

In fact, in addition to these three types of wall decoration, there is also a type of wall decoration that is also very good. It can not only provide good decoration, but also has high practicality, and it is absolutely necessary in many places.

It ’s easier to understand. If you want to put wooden boards on the wall, what are the styles? How to be natural and beautiful.

Wood finishes for the entire wall

The wood facing background wall can be divided into two types: whole wall and half wall (partial). The atmosphere and solidity of the entire wall; the meticulousness and finishing of the half wall, the usage varies.

By convention, let’s first talk about the wood finishes of the entire wall, which is suitable for appearing in the home.

How to choose the TV background wall has always been a headache in the living room. In the case of wallpaper, white wall, and marble, which can not satisfy the heart, wood finishes seem to be a good choice.

The wood-clad background wall looks very natural, not fancy, and can fit perfectly on the wall without any obscurity.

In addition, because of wood. The wood-clad background wall is more gentle in terms of visual and tactile sensations, and the marble background wall does not appear cold and glamourous, which makes it more cozy in the home.

Moreover, the wood-clad background wall is very suitable for families whose home decoration style favors the log style. After matching with the wood-colored furniture, the wall surface and the ground are echoed, with a strong overall sense, and the visual effect is more comfortable.

Of course, in addition to being a single-sided TV background wall, there will also be a small number of families choosing to use wood finishes in a large area in the living room.

Although it looks OK, I still recommend that if you want to do this, you must first consider the budget and the decoration style in the home. After all, the large area of ​​wood finishes still has some costs, and it takes care of the overall style of the home.

Partial wood finish

The wood finishes on the entire wall, because they need a larger room as the basis, appear in the living room most often.

In contrast, half-wall or partial wood finishes are freely retractable, and their usage is more abundant.

Adding a backboard to the bedside has always been a way I recommend.

A more common method is to use a simple decorative panel to make a feeling of wall separation.

Compared with the wall surface, this kind of wood material feels softer and has some fashion sense. Among the many choices of backboards, the bedside backboard in wood color is more natural, and the overall feeling of matching the floor of the same color.

In the bedroom, we all know that dark colors can be used to create a more suitable sleeping atmosphere. The dark backboard can also have a foothold here, and the thick dark backboard looks more textured.

And because the bedside backboard can be made separate from the wall, its upper part also provides a simple storage space, which can store some small items. And this location can also be equipped with light strips, to provide auxiliary lighting in the bedroom, it may be a good way.

Bar position

Our common bar counter is, in most cases, formed by a wall surface, consisting of a countertop and several high stools. The addition of wood finishes makes use of this space between the bar and the wall.

With the addition of wood finishes, the location of the bar has a clearer line of vision. At the same time, the wood veneer can extend from the wall to the top surface, making it really a separate space for use.

And the addition of wood finishes will make the whole bar look more three-dimensional. The black chandelier and wood-colored top surface also look very fashionable and unobtrusive.

Helper for invisible doors

The bedroom’s door cover chooses a narrow stainless steel door cover, which is very simple.

Indeed, compared to ordinary wooden wide-edged door covers, this door cover has a very high value. Of course, conciseness, above this there is the minimalist ceiling of the invisible door.

Invisible doors like this, although common door covers are invisible. However, due to the different materials and gloss of the wooden door and the wall, it is not a problem to find out the position of the door at a glance. Therefore, a higher-order approach is to make both sides of the door into wood finishes.

With the blessing of wooden finishes, the material and color of the invisible door and the walls on both sides have almost reached the same level, making it truly “invisible.”

If your bedroom door is exactly on the TV background wall, the combination of wood facing + invisible door has a good concealment. Otherwise, a bedroom door would be standing next to the TV background wall, a bit awkward like a patch.

Therefore, if you want the invisible door in your home to have a better effect, in addition to disguising it close to the cabinet, remember that wood finishes are a good plus.

Make space more holistic

Why the wood finish can add points to the invisible door, one is to ensure the uniform material of the door and the wall, and the other is to make it invisible by visual effects.

In addition to the invisible door in the home, which will use the blessing of wood finishes, the place where the cabinet and the wall meet is also needed.

The reason is precisely because the positions of 2 and 4 on this wall, although behind the wall, do the same

Therefore, the original white wall was replaced by door panels. What follows is the sense of unity of the entire wall, both in touch and color.

In addition to this practice in the bedroom, another bold choice of wooden wall is in the porch.

At the woodworking stage, the entire porch, except for the cabinets, was already covered with boards and walls. Then when you paint, you uniformly polish the paint, and you have the same effect on the material and color of the entire porch.

Of course, this case is not strictly a wooden veneer wall, but the effect is the same, which is worthy of reference in the decoration.

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