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Good tiles + good stickers, soaring value!

Tile paving is an important part of home decoration. Most of the traditional paving methods are horizontal and vertical to create a generous and decent, neat and simple visual effect. As people’s demand for home improvement is getting higher and higher, and they want to get rid of the monotony of the form and color of the tiles, the diverse collage method of tiles comes into being. Take a look at the effect of tiles on the wall today, and increase the fashion of your home by 100 points!

Wall and floor tiles

The wall and floor are paved with tiles at the same time, echoing each other and complementing each other. You can choose to fill them all or lay them in a specific area, such as the toilet floor or the rear wall.

Appropriate use of tiles will change the blandness of small white bricks, increase the sense of decoration, and enhance the highlights of the space.

Marble-textured tile color matching and same-color marble mosaic cutting make the space more agile.

Use tiles to make space zones. Tiles and large bricks are pure gray tones, but the flowers are not gorgeous, which is more elegant and beautiful. The highlight is the layout of the niche tiles.

White hexagon mosaic tiles are very fashionable nowadays. The effect is also good. If the tiles are laid out like this, pay attention to the design and treatment of the wall-mounted water tank.

If you can’t use tiles, find a wall, the whole wall, just fine. But to keep a tone with the main color, that is a color scheme that is not wrong.

The wall tile adopts a multi-format typographic scheme, which looks like a marble and has a high-level sense. The marble on the ground is cut into mosaics. One is to respond to the dark marble on the countertop. The other is to solve the problem of non-slip. The third is to use different specifications of the same color so that a space does not have too many colors and changes. Very thoughtful, quite advanced. The niche in the bathroom can also be used for decoration, such as placing crafts, and a ceiling lamp can be added to the niche above the toilet. The design highlight is the corner storage niches!

An example of paving and matching with tiles of the same color. The ground is also the same paragraph will be even better!

Wall tile

If it ’s just wall tiles, you generally choose a certain wall in the bathroom for paving, such as the wall behind the toilet, the wall of the sink, or the wall of the shower, etc. You can choose your own according to local conditions.

Echoes in color. The colors of the background walls and cabinet doors echo. The gray tones on the floor also echo the cabinet doors.

In the same space, so many specifications are used, but it does not look messy, the secret is still in color matching. The same color combination is more elegant and durable. If it is a contrast color, it needs a high level of color matching to achieve it. However, the home is not a model room after all. There is too much color in a room. In the future, the towel water cup soap bowl is put in, which is even more messy.

The hexagonal paving needs to be typeset in advance. It seems simple, but it is a test of the typesetting level of the workers.

Floor tile

Another is to lay tiles on the bathroom floor, creating a visual effect of “lower head is retro, raising head is fashion”, the space style suddenly improved.

The use of tiles on the ground looks good, but the slip resistance needs of the bathroom should be considered.

Wall mixing highlights key areas

In addition to the commonly used tiled areas in the bathroom and kitchen, the dining room can also be decorated with different tiles.

The combination of the popular hexagonal tiles and the floor is very dynamic.

The TV wall can also be tiled.

The geometric collage of the dining area has become an important part of the soft outfit.

If the bathroom is large enough, you can try the use of multi-color tiles, which is very artistic.

In addition to the common geometric tiles, abstract pattern tiles are also a good choice.

The ground is usable.

Can also be wall mounted.

Shower room wall and ground connection.

The pattern of this tile has a cotton-like texture, adding a touch of naturalness to the home.

The stitching of different patterns of the same color system is rich but chaotic.

The floor tiles were laid on the ground, much like carpets.

Carpet-style mixing

The floor tile laying in a small area can not only clearly divide the functional area, but also render a unique artistic atmosphere, bringing a strong visual impact.

If you simply want to decorate, you can choose carpet-style tiles for paving in the entrance, etc., which is very beautiful.

The hexagonal bricks are very versatile and can be used as carpets in the porch.

Restaurant partial collage.

It’s also suitable for background walls.

The porch, living room, dining room or other areas can use tiles to create a layered sense. It resembles a rug, but it is easier to clean than a rug, and the full-bodied charm display makes the space instantly agile.

Regular stitching

The floor of the kitchen and bathroom is the “hardest hit area” of the home. It is necessary to pay attention to both waterproofing and cleaning up. Tile laying is a very good solution. In addition to highlighting the decorative beauty, it also has the effect of dividing the space.

Irregular mixing

Breaking the rules, creating new ideas, and using different mashup methods to bloom different beauty can also add a lot of color to the entire home and create more possibilities for the space.

How to make your home artistic? In fact, as long as you change your way of thinking, the same tiles and a different spelling can make your home more agile.

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