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Talk about the carpet in the bedroom

The carpet is placed on the bedside of the bedroom, and you can step on it barefoot. You won’t get ice feet in the middle of the night, you can also lie on the bed without worrying about getting cold, comfortable and clean. The decorative effect can adjust the color of the bedroom and add a beautiful landscape to the bedroom.

The carpet in the bedroom or the bedside blanket actually has many advantages, and it still has many effects on our daily lives. More and more people are choosing to lay such a carpet in their bedroom.

Advantages of bedroom carpet bed front blanket

1.Sound absorption

The carpet in front of the bed with its tight and breathable structure can absorb and isolate sound waves, effectively reduce the impact of noise, have good sound insulation effects, and help to form a quiet and comfortable living environment.

2. Keep warm

Large-area carpeting can reduce indoor heat loss and block the cold on the ground, making people feel comfortable and warm, and not easy to catch cold. Carpets can also absorb moisture to prevent the indoor air from becoming too humid and not good for the body.

3. Security

The carpet in front of the bed is a soft paving material, which is different from extremely hard floor materials such as tiles and marbles, and will not cause people to bump.

4. Convenient living

After getting up, it is better to step on the carpet than to directly step on the floor tiles, which makes people feel comfortable and relaxed, which helps to eliminate fatigue and stress. The soft, stretchy carpet feels warm and intimate. It is also easy to change clothes.

5. Decoration

The carpet in front of the bed has a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous colors, which can beautify the indoor environment and play a good decorative role. It can also enhance a person’s life style and taste.

Bedroom carpet bed front blanket selection tips

Laying a carpet in front of the bed is not only warm and comfortable, but also highlights the owner’s elegant living style. It is important to accurately position the overall style of the interior, and the style of the carpet needs to be consistent with the overall style in order to make people feel comfortable.

The color of the carpet also needs to be coordinated with other interior decoration colors. The bedroom is a place to rest. The overall environment should be relaxing and comfortable, so the colors should not be too bright, but not too plain.

When choosing a carpet in front of the bed, you should also pay attention to materials and quality. Different materials have different characteristics. You must choose one that meets your own needs and style, and of course you must choose your favorite.

Common sense for bedroom carpet

1.Carpet size

The size of the carpet can be arbitrarily selected, and a suitable size should be selected reasonably according to the size of the room and the effect they want to achieve. Many carpets can be customized now, so as long as they meet the needs of interior design, the size of the carpet can be arbitrarily and there is no regulation.

2. Carpet placement

The carpet is usually laid on the side of the bed or the head of the bed. The length of the carpet is recommended to be laid at the foot of the bed or a distance of 2-5cm from the foot of the bed. If you choose a small piece of carpet, it is usually placed on the side of the bed. This small piece of carpet is mainly used for decoration.

When laying a carpet, pay attention to whether the color of the carpet is consistent with the main color of the bedroom. If the theme wall of the bedroom is dominated by water blue, then the carpet should be blue, and the bed should be covered with white sheets and blue quilts. In this way, this bedroom will give a bright and pure feeling Followed well.

If the bedroom has a gray-green wall, then the carpet should be gray, so there is no sense of conflict, and with white sheets and pillows, light gray-green sheets, this can present a quiet classic Atmosphere.

If the theme wall is brown or pink, and the main color of the bed is pink and white, then the bedside carpet can be chosen off-white, which will look warm and sweet, bright and warm.

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