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Expose China Terracotta Facade Panels price facts

With the development of China’s Terracotta Facade Panels industry, the production costs of Terracotta Facade Panels manufacturers are gradually optimized, the Terracotta Facade Panels market is gradually growing, and Terracotta Facade Panels is no longer an external wall hanging product that our people can’t afford. In this issue, LOPO Terracotta Facade Panels will help you answer one of the most important things in our Terracotta Facade Panels circle: How much is Terracotta Facade Panels?

How much is Terracotta Facade Panels? From Terracotta Facade Panels alone, according to the results of searches on Baidu and Alibaba, ranging from $ 20 to $ 500, what is the price of Terracotta Facade Panels? From the current market perspective, the price of Terracotta Facade Panels mainly depends on the following aspects (80% of the price factor): order quantity, color, size (thickness, width, length), layout, brand, etc. LOPO Terracotta Facade Panels will also expose the price of Terracotta Facade Panels from the above aspects.

1. The price of Terracotta Facade Panels is directly related to the order quantity, which is easy to understand. Since Terracotta Facade Panels was introduced from abroad in 2006-07, it has been a customized product. Unlike tile and marble, there is no conventional currency, so each batch of products is generally produced by the manufacturer. The conversion of Terracotta Facade Panels requires re-cleaning of the extrusion equipment, re-control of the furnace atmosphere, etc., so the cost of each conversion is relatively high; in addition, if your version of Terracotta Facade Panels requires a new mold, the manufacturer This part of the money will also be allocated to the total cost. The wool comes from the sheep. If the order quantity is less than 1,000 square meters, the product price is generally 200 yuan or more. Generally, when the order quantity is greater than 10,000 square meters, the order quantity has no marginal effect on Terracotta Facade Panels.The price of Terracotta Facade Panels is affected by the color of Terracotta Facade Panels. The production process formulas of different colors of Terracotta Facade Panels are different, and the prices of their color development additives are also different. Generally speaking, brick red is the lowest cost among all manufacturers, followed by yellow. If Terracotta Facade Panels require black, blue, green, etc. to be more expensive, the material price will be more than 600 yuan. FUJIAN LOPO TERRACOTTA PANELS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. usually use glaze to make the same external wall effect. Most domestic manufacturers All this, generally the price of this kind of hetero chromatic board is at least 20 yuan a square more expensive than red.

2.It is closely related to the size of Terracotta Facade Panels. At present, the qualification rate of Terracotta Facade Panels produced by Terracotta Facade Panels manufacturers in China is not as high as that of ceramic tiles. Taking LOPO ceramics as an example, the thicker the Terracotta Facade Panels, the more the raw materials are used, and the wider and longer the Terracotta Facade Panels, the more difficult the production and the lower the overall pass rate. Generally, the pass rate of T18 products can be about 20 ~ 30% higher than the total pass rate of T30 Terracotta Facade Panels. Then someone asked, is Terracotta Facade Panels shorter and cheaper? Nor is it. If the design length of Terracotta Facade Panels is too short, let’s not talk about the increase in the amount of auxiliary materials for its construction, its cutting loss will also increase greatly, but it will increase the cost of loss. Therefore, the current conventional size of Terracotta Facade Panels is 600mm-1200mm long and 300-600mm wide. If you are still worried that the secondary design of the Terracotta Facade Panels curtain wall is unreasonable, you can find some professional Terracotta Facade Panels manufacturers to provide you with solutions.

3.The price of Terracotta Facade Panels is also inseparable from the layout of Terracotta Facade Panels. Special surfaces such as grooved panels, brick pattern panels and other such products will not only increase the difficulty of production but also cause secondary losses in the production and processing of Terracotta Facade Panels. This type of version is obsessed by major domestic manufacturers, but unwilling to try. Generally, this type of styling product is usually at least 30 yuan / square more expensive than the conventional Terracotta Facade Panels. However, the uncontrollability in the production process will make this part of the profit hit.

4.Among the domestic manufacturers, they are good at recommending LOPO, Xinjiali, TOB, etc. for special-shaped boards. They have long enough experience in production design to provide customers with quality and reliable services. The prices of such products are often not low. Different brands of Terracotta Facade Panels also have different prices. First-class Terracotta Facade Panels manufacturers such as LOPO, Rego, Xinjiali, TOB and other domestic second- and third-tier manufacturers use the same production process, but their prices are different, mainly reflected In terms of brands and services. As for which one is better? Hey, it depends on the specific analysis of your project.

5.Other aspects of the cost of Terracotta Facade Panels (20%).Terracotta Facade Panels In addition to the above five major aspects, there are some methods and secrets that can greatly reduce construction costs and material costs.

Source: Archinec Daily