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2020 Mona Lisa 4 New Tile Production Lines with Daily Output 90,000 SQM in China

The Mona Lisa production base in Guangxi covers an area of ​​1613 acres. It will build a ceramic raw material processing center integrating production, supply, sales and research, as well as high-end and intelligent building ceramic production lines. It plans to build 11 production lines with an estimated annual production capacity of 88 million square meters .

From the calculation of output value, once the Guangxi production base is completed, its production capacity is greater than the sum of Xiqiao production base + Qingyuan production base, which is equivalent to rebuilding a Mona Lisa.

In April 2020, the first group of 4 production lines of the first phase of the Mona Lisa Guangxi production base were fully put into operation. It represents a key step for Mona Lisa on the road of intelligent manufacturing in China, creating the Mona Lisa “Intelligent Manufacturing 4.0 “A new era.

On the afternoon of May 25, 2020, Huang Zhijian, deputy secretary-general of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Government, went to the Mona Lisa Guangxi Production Base of Zhonghe Ceramics Industrial Park to conduct an investigation, accompanied by the Secretary of the Wuzhou Municipal Committee, Xiao Libiao, President of the Mona Lisa Group, and Zhang Qi, Director of the Board Managers such as Kang and Guangxi Mona Lisa Xiao Zhiqiang and other management personnel received.

When Mona Lisa’s modern factory building and four modern intelligent production lines are lined up in order, the secretary said: “This is the most automated and advanced ceramic factory I have ever seen in China!”

Entering the intelligent manufacturing big data center, the three walls of the hall are all large electronic display screens, which constantly display the production status of each production line, each process, and the data of output, quality, energy consumption, power consumption, and water consumption. Excellent intelligent manufacturing equipment, strong manufacturing guarantee of Mona Lisa.

High-end production equipment guarantees high-quality products. Mona Lisa has invested heavily in introducing a series of “Big Mac” mechanical equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality.

It has an independent raw material preparation center, covering an area of 622 acres. It adopts a “five-piece double-zero water absorption rate” continuous ball mill unit and an advanced “intelligent tiling homogenization system” to greatly increase the raw material single-line production capacity. Guangxi Tengxian, Guangxi Dongqiao, and Guangdong Qingyuan three production bases provide raw material supply and distribution.

At the same time, the standardization of raw materials and the preparation process are directly integrated with the management of the central control room to improve the accuracy of the ingredients; the “five presses + one wide-body kiln” high-capacity configuration system is adopted, and the high-tonnage press units are equipped with intelligent docking and intelligent discharge Production system to achieve rapid transition of flexible production and optimize production capacity allocation.

The temperature control system of the intelligent kiln is more precise, which greatly improves the flatness of the product; the introduction of a “space-level nano-insulation thermal insulation high-efficiency waste heat recovery relay heating” system a set of modern industrial 4.0+ digital intelligent management mode of high-end firing equipment, Make the firing process more efficient and energy-saving.

The Mona Lisa production base in Guangxi has a high-precision automatic glaze distribution system, which can effectively improve the accuracy of ingredients; an automatic ink supply system, improve product color stability, etc., an automatic packaging system, an automatic blank storage system, etc., to achieve highly automated production.

In the past, a lot of labor was required in the production of ceramic tiles, but now the Mona Lisa Guangxi production base has a highly intelligent full production line to achieve one-stop automation from production to assembly.

This not only saves a lot of labor on the front line of the factory, saves labor costs, improves production efficiency, but also frees people from repetitive and tedious work, allowing them to do more value-added things.

At the same time, breaking through time and space restrictions, the Mona Lisa Guangxi production base established a real-time integrated monitoring “central control big data management center” to achieve remote and efficient management of the entire line and big data cloud technology, real-time data for the entire life cycle of the entire line Control, provide a full cycle, multi-dimensional, traceable “data stars” for production management.

In terms of product quality, Mona Lisa implements internal control standards that are stricter than national standards. It has 1147 standards and adopts full-process advanced quality control to prevent unqualified products from flowing to the market. At the same time, the automatic detection system for ceramic tiles “Tianyan” was introduced to fully realize the intelligent high-standard detection of products, and the products were imported into the “dual code” real-time anti-counterfeiting and quality traceability system to ensure high-quality products.

The Mona Lisa Group’s production base in Guangxi not only reflects the advanced level in product development, production technology, and intelligent equipment, but also reflects the company’s society in terms of end management, energy utilization, resource utilization, solid waste recycling, and professional environment. Responsibility.

A brand-new, high-standard modern advanced green intelligent production base is accelerating its full construction. The Mona Lisa Guangxi production base will become a modern ceramic tile production base with a global demonstration effect, leading the Chinese ceramic industry to achieve from “ceramic manufacturing” to ” The transformation and upgrading of “intelligent manufacturing of ceramics” will bravely rise to the forefront of world industry!

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