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Garcia Tiles Cooperates with Sacmi of Italy to Build Sintered Stone Tile Manufacturing Base

In 2020, Sintered Stone Tile, as a new revolutionary decorative material, has unique material characteristics in the field of pan-furniture and commercial space. Therefore, customization of Sintered Stone Tile will become a popular trend in the future home furnishing market.

Under such an opportunity, Garcia ceramic tiles are ready to take off, seek the future with the industrial layout, and join the world’s top technical equipment and process giants to announce their entry into the Sintered Stone Tile field.

SACMI (Società Anonima Cooperativa Meccanici Imola) is an international manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the ceramic tile, beverage, packaging, quality control process, chocolate processing machines and plastics industries. SACMI is a group based in Imola, Italy. Sacmi has branches in Iowa, US, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, India, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Iran and Egypt. The company is a cooperative and was founded in 1919.

800 million to build an intelligent Sintered Stone Tile manufacturing base

Build 6 Sintered Stone Tile production lines

On the morning of May 18th, Garcia Ceramics and its group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italy’s Sacmi Group and Guangdong Dow Technology Enterprise. This signing ceremony foresees that Garcia Ceramics will officially open a new situation of Sintered Stone Tile home customization.

In this strategic cooperation, the Group has established projects for more than half a year. After multi-dimensional investigations and research discussions, the manufacturing center location, product quality positioning, brand positioning and industrial chain layout have undergone detailed and precise layout.

At the same time, the Group will initially invest 800 million yuan to build an intelligent Sintered Stone Tile manufacturing base to achieve the production capacity of 6 Sintered Stone Tile production lines. A total of more than 1,000 acres of land are planned for the construction of this project in the Garcia Ceramics Foshan Factory and surrounding areas. A Sintered Stone Tile supply chain integrating processing, warehousing and logistics, providing consumers with better products and services.

Introducing the world’s top technical equipment

The Italian SACMI Group, founded in 1919, has more than 100 years of development history. It is the world’s largest and most influential ceramic equipment company. It is a recognized world leader in ceramic companies. One of its core businesses is the design and manufacture of ceramics. Industrial stand-alone and full-line equipment, regardless of technology or market share, are in a leading position in the world.

Achieved a strategic cooperation with Italy Sacmi, introducing the original Sintered Stone Tile production line imported from Italy Sacmi, as well as the glaze and ink using the technology of the listed company Guangdong Dow, to create a localized China-made road to import Sintered Stone Tile and guarantee products Manufacturing is at an international level.

In 2020, based on the Group’s grand production scale, Garcia Ceramics will upgrade its existing 50-group production line and 6 major production bases simultaneously, and build a global product R & D and production base with rich international design and R & D cooperation resources.

At the same time, the group will use the highest specifications and highest standards to build a smart home industry group with Sintered Stone Tile manufacturing as the core, covering a series of applications and processing, and strengthen the supply chain capabilities from the aspects of production capacity, matching, deep processing technology, etc., for terminal distribution The profitability of merchants is increased.

Garcia Ceramics, as the world’s largest international home furnishing and commercial floor material supplier-Moheke Group’s strategic partner, has achieved the sharing of design and technology, forming four from international technology, foreign design, Chinese manufacturing, and global market. The strong brand strength built by the dimension.

Intelligent Sintered Stone Tile production base

Relying on the advantages of rich international cooperation resources, Garcia Ceramics has a team of 18 international product designers from China, Italy and the United States. It always adheres to the original Italian design and keeps up with the trend of international trends. It has always produced stylish brick products.

Entering the new track of Sintered Stone Tile, based on a strong group background and strong financial strength, Garcia Tiles joined hands with the two manufacturing giants of Italy Sacmi Group and Guangdong Dow Technology Enterprise to continue to internationalize according to the home market orientation The vision of the new Sintered Stone Tile opens a new situation of customized smart homes, and continuously develops higher-end and higher-quality products for consumers.

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