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Ceramic tiles break through boundaries, cross-border unlimited ——The trend of new product series of Chinese brand Mona Lisa in 2020

To talk about the home furnishing trends in 2020, it must be possible to do without the words “cross-border” and “multiple”. Uniqueness and individualization have become the main demands of the new consumer class for the creation of home space. We are no longer limited to the status quo and no longer have to accommodate products. We need to be individual, break boundaries, and seek more possibilities, which will eventually make our home space design more diversified and personalized.

Facing the diversified and personalized needs of consumers, when design begins to take into account interaction and experience, not just around function and beauty, we should think and design from a higher perspective. The new product series of Mona Lisa tile in 2020, such as the Milky Way Star, the Years and the Fenghua, the Roman Super Stone Generation, and the Roman Neo Stone Generation, are innovative products launched for diversified and personalized consumer needs. Under different scenarios, explore the home and There are spiritual and emotional links between people’s hearts, interpreting the inner rhythm and life essence of man and nature, opening a door to discovering oneself and the external world, and bringing more possibilities for a new life experience in modern homes.

Cross-border new materials, unlimited applications

To talk about cross-border materials, I have to mention the Mona Lisa ceramic plate series products. When Mona Lisa launched the ceramic sheet in 2007, it was already exploring the application fields of new materials, cross-border curtain wall applications, artistic applications and other fields. And this kind of cross-border thinking has always influenced Mona Lisa’s product design and application direction. In 2016, when Mona Lisa took the lead in launching the 2400mm×1200mm ceramic slab, it proposed the development direction of the big rock board, cross-border kitchen board. Fields, cross-border furniture application fields. The 3600mm×600mm×15.5mm ceramic slab (rock slab) launched by Mona Lisa in 2019 has become a rising star in the industry, providing good materials for personalized home customization. Whether you are using the whole piece on the wall or cutting it, it gives you unlimited freedom. Background walls, sinks, coffee tables, wardrobes, door panels…satisfy all your imaginations about home. When you are still worrying about the combination of materials and colors, Mona Lisa uses a large board to complete the combination design of the home, from the wall, the floor to the furniture texture and color, there is no sense of violation.

Design thinking, unlimited creativity

Design is not only a beauty, a strategy, but also a way of thinking and even a way of life. Through design, we create many beautiful and unique ideas. And design has always been the highlight of ceramic tile product innovation and space applications. In recent years, design has dominated the product fashion trend in the ceramic tile industry and has become the main consumption mode of consumers. Therefore, Mona Lisa increased investment in product original design and application design. As we all know, Italian design is the vane of international ceramic tile trends, and Mona Lisa has long-term cooperation with top Italian design companies to launch many innovative new products. And this kind of cooperation model has been further deepened in 2019, through the introduction of Italian designers to carry out the original design of Mona Lisa tiles, from concept to design, from technology to equipment, in line with the world.

The Galaxy Star series launched in 2020 is the sincere work of Mona Lisa Tile and Italy. The new Galaxy Star series is originally developed and designed by a well-known Italian design company. It is customized from product design, raw materials, testing, technology, technology, and application to the entire process to create Mona Lisa’s first new product of the same series with multiple specifications and multiple glaze complete matching series. The product uses the universe, galaxy and stars as the creative blueprint, breaking through the boundaries of traditional tile design for the first time, recreating the beauty of the universe and stars with a unique production concept and stunning texture, extending the empty and natural texture of the sky and the ground to the home style. The patterns and textures of the entire series have patented original designs, and the patterns and textures are unique, bringing a brand-new aesthetic experience to the highest hall of living space art.

Process upgrade, unlimited experience

The improvement of process technology gives greater freedom to design. With the continuous advancement and upgrading of craftsmanship, the superposition of craftsmanship has pushed the color, texture and texture of antique bricks to a whole new level. Mona Lisa ceramic tile breaks the industry’s homogeneity predicament by superimposing a variety of processes, breaking through the rigid gloss texture of traditional antique tiles, making the product visual more three-dimensional and more delicate in touch. It is a perfect combination of antique tiles and technological innovation.

Innovation and tolerance, no time limit

This is an era of tolerance and openness. Nowadays, ceramic tiles have broken the inherent traditional appearance. Advances in technology and design innovations have allowed ceramic tiles to develop into materials that can change their shape. The combination of different geometric shapes expresses a diverse lifestyle in the future. For space design, it is no longer just the expression of the hexahedron of the space, but the expression of the designer’s emotions and the occupants’ consumption attitude. Mona Lisa’s product innovation has gradually moved from imitating the concrete image of nature to transcending the abstraction of nature. Through refinement, deconstruction, reorganization, and sublimation, it creates a personalized and diversified space art.