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2020 Top Tile Trends – Everything You Need To Know About Top Tile Trends In Flooring Design For 2020

Floor tile can be said to be a variety of architectural fashion, with the progress of technology and the improvement of people’s demand, its style is also constantly updated. Today, we cover everything you need to know about 2020’s top tile flooring trends including the floor tile color trends, floor tile texture trends, floor tile layout trends, floor tile size trends, floor tile material trends & more, from ultra-convincing wood and stone looks to creative shapes like herringbone and hexagons.

2020 Tile Flooring Material Trends

Wood Look Tile Floor: Current natural wood looks are just about the hottest thing on the tile flooring market. Manufacturers can mimic all the hottest wood flooring colors, grains, and surface textures for an authentic style.

Marble Look Tile Floor: Marble evokes a refined elegant aesthetic, but it comes with quite a bit of sticker shock. The good news is porcelain tiles bring you that classic look in a less porous, more durable, and more accessible package.

Stone Look Tile Floor: Manufacturers now offer beautifully convincing stone looks in slate, travertine, limestone and more. To get the most timeliness stone look, choose from marble, limestone or slate. These clean, elegant styles can hold up to the test of time.

Concrete Look Tile Floor: Modern, industrial looks are in right now, complementing the niche desire for a cooler and more sophisticated style. A concrete look tile is an awesome touch to a trendy loft or apartment.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile Floor: Mosaic style rises under the artistic influence of cabinet manufacturer. Ceramic coatings with imitation marble and inlay work equally well on floors and walls. Whether in private or public rooms, they add a sense of retro to the project.

2020 Tile Flooring Color & Texture Trends

Gray Neutrals: Chic and trendy gray floors set the stone for a contemporary home. This neutral backdrop works for decorating in virtually any color, Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – it all coordinates with sleek gray flooring.

Bright White Tile: Whitewashed tile floors are excellent for the now-trending farmhouse style house, particularly in the kitchen & dining room. Meanwhile, bright white tiles are popular everywhere in the home. White instantly makes your room look bigger, especially if you use larger tiles.

Muted & Conservative: Homeowners are steering towards a muted, neutral color palette for their flooring. Since decor trends tend to change more rapidly than flooring trends, it’s wise to chose a neutral floor that can maintain its relevancy for 15-20 years.

High-Variation Floor Tile: Higher color variation provides a natural, rustic look that homeowners love. Wood looks typically features color variation between planks, whereas high variation in stone-look tile typically refers to the amount of color variation in each individual floor tile.

Mixed Finishes: Varying between matte, glassy, and high-gloss finishes creates a fresh, dynamic look. Mixed-finish tiles can be subtle with a monochrome look or go bold and bring in color for even more variation. It all depends on your personal style.

Splashes of Color: White neutrals are big, some people are abandoning the beiges and grays for pastel palettes and primary colors. Bring some life to your space with rich jewel tones that add depth and sophistication.

2020 Tile Flooring Shapes & Sizes Trends

Large Format: This is one trend you can expect to see in every style for the foreseeable future. Large-format tiles flooring make your room look bigger by reducing rout lines. This is especially effective if you choose a light color.

Sleek Subway Tiles: Homeowners love these iconic rectangular tiles that were first popularized in the New York City subway. They’re perfect for trendy tile layouts like herringbone, and they’re not just white anymore. A variety of colors allows you to customize your look.

Hexagons: While hexagons can provide a similar classic look to subway tiles, you’ll also see ultra-modern, almost futuristic looks in the coming years. Imagine sharp lines, whites, black and grays, and custom flooring transitions. That’s the future of hexagon tile.

Designer Shapes: Plain, square tiles are classic, but not as popular right now as more adventurous shapes. In kitchens and bathrooms especially, you’ll see ingot, arabesque, penny round, and scallop/fish scale tiles dominating the trends.

2020 Tile Flooring Layout Trends

Geometric & Parquet: Detailed tile patterns aren’t just for backsplashes anymore. Fun, vibrant and eye-catching, this year will be full of unique, geometric tile floors. Geometric tile patters offer endless possibilities from classic Versailles mosaics to a modern basketweave look.

Muti-Tile Patterns: Why use just one size, shape, or color, when you can add multiple tiles to the mix? Additional tiles allow you to create more detailed and dynamic patterns that will capture the eye and increase the flow of the space.

Border Tiles: Using accent tiles to create a border can highlight a unique feature or frame a dedicated area. Many people are now tilling borders around entryways, transitions, showers, bathtub and even more.

Herringbone Tile For Floor: The herringbone pattern achieves a detailed, modern look that will continue to be popular in the coming years. As planks get longer and wider, the installation will become even more accessible, so except to see it in homes everywhere.

Mixed-Width Tile: Mixed width flooring is achieved with adjacent planks varying widths. These extra details draw attention to the floor and add a one-of-a-kind touch. Mixed-width flooring is especially popular in wood look tile.

Hexagon Tile Transitions: Hexagon tiles have paved the way for unique transitions between different rooms and types of flooring. A clean, straight line is no longer the only to flow from one area to the next. Instead, explore trickling transitions and custom geometric patterns.

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