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Marble is a natural stone

It is the oldest rock, which is one of the first one found its application in the economic, construction, cultural activities of human society. The main constituent of this stone is calcium carbonate or dolomite, or a combination thereof. Pure marble is white, but it is rare in nature. Most of the mined marble has a colour. The variety of marble colour is due to the presence of various compounds of chemical elements.

The occurrence of marble is found in various parts of the planet, that is why the marble is used everywhere. The largest marble deposits are in the United States of America, Greece, Australia, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other countries. Unique properties of this mineral have attracted humanity since ancient times. Up to now, there are wonderful monuments of architecture and culture from marble that are several centuries old, and some even millennia. Its excellent technical condition confirms the strength and durability of marble. Luxury palaces and mausoleums erected in the Middle Ages with marble finishing, still amaze with its splendour. A huge colour variety of the marble with bizarre patterns of veins allows you to create unique finishing materials never repeating.

Marble is a “docile” stone, which can be well processed in the form of polishing. Therefore, the ancient masters, who did not even have complex equipment and machinery, widely used this attractive natural stone and created true masterpieces. In three of the seven wonders of the world, marble was used.

Natural marble has a different structure:

  • monochromatic;
  • spotted;
  • laminated.

Monochrome marble is mainly used in the creation of sculptures, monuments, busts, while coloured one with patterns and veins is the ideal finishing material for outdoor and indoor works. Finishing plates are made from a rock bed, and marble chips and sand can be added to decorative plaster, as a filler in concrete. Although marble is sufficiently dense material, it is easy to process. It has several features that affect the durability and attractive appearance of manufactured products and finishing materials. By its nature, marble is a limestone with pores and microscopic hollow channels, through which destructive moisture can enter.

In order to products made of natural material to be of high quality and to keep their attractive appearance for a long time, they must be professionally processed. Incoming moisture can be absorbed and destroy marble products. To avoid such problems, all products are polished and covered with a special chemical compound. After this treatment, marble products and finishes will be particularly durable, water resistant, have a luxurious appearance, and as a result, delight owners and pleasantly amaze the people around.

Care for marble objects of everyday life does not cause any special trouble to the housewives, does not require expensive cleaning and washing agents. It is quite easy to care marble at home.

Stairs, columns, floors, walls of marble slabs decorate any room, giving it a luxury and a special style, emphasizing the exquisite taste of the owners and their high social status. Polished countertops and marble sinks decorate the interior of a city apartment, cottage or mansion. They will delight more than one generation of owners and preserving family traditions.

Article From: Centre of Stone