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Natural Stone in Landscape Design

In the century of high-precision computers and technologically advanced production, it has become more popular to design areas near a house in a natural style where landscape design plays a major role. Specialists of this profile will offer you many options for landscaping using natural and artificial materials.

A natural stone is a material that presents the designer with a rich choice of possibilities for both stone processing and application. With a large selection of colours and textures, it is able to fully meet all the emerging needs of the designer and get an excellent result, which is sure to appeal to the customer.

Natural Stones Used in Landscape Design

Natural stone, which can be used in landscape design, is a stone made from rock mined in the mountains. However, not all stones obtained in nature are suitable for work. The natural stone in the garden must be combined with the features of the site and be in harmony with garden natural landscape. There is many natural stones types used by designers. The main ones are:

  • granite;
  • gneiss;
  • basalt;
  • sandstone;
  • shale;
  • limestone;
  • Marble;
  • porphyry;
  • tuff.

It is important to understand that the durability of stone ornaments made by the designer and his team directly depends on the characteristics of the stone used.

Ways to Design Spaces and Recreation Areas

There are many ways to design plots and adjacent areas. The use of natural stone in a garden, park or any other recreation area will make it a natural and aesthetic appearance. Answering the question about how to decorate or change the homestead territory or garden, we will consider several of the most common solutions that have gained popularity among customers. These include:

  • Alpine hill (rock garden);
  • rockery;
  • paving;
  • terracing.

Let’s consider each of them in detail.

The rock garden

The rock garden is a composition depicting a mountain landscape, with a stone-boulder or a group of stones in the centre with terraces, squat shrubs, and mountain plants on the slopes. Rockery – a flower garden, arranged in a specially designated place, which includes a variety of plants, including shrubs and small trees.


Rockery from the rock garden is characterized by the fact that the first is created on a flat surface using stones, and the second is a hill, located in a well-lit area. In the rock gardens, plants are used mainly from the Alpine and Subalpine zones.

Paving and terracing

Paving and terracing are two more kinds of works on an site accomplishment. The first one involves the organization of garden and park paths and areas with the help of natural stone.


The second one is the creation of terraces on slopes that have retaining walls and filled with fertile soil for planting plants.


The question of how to decorate / change a plot and area, each owner decides for himself. Natural stones will forever remain the most beautiful material for a landscape designer.

The use of natural stone in the creation of landscapes of countryside areas, gardens, parks and squares has become widespread among specialists performing work for their customers. This material, which has many forms and features, makes it possible to obtain consistently high results from working with it, and its nobleness and completeness of texture makes the space obtained unique and beautiful in its own way. A natural stone in landscape design is profitable, aesthetic and very beautiful.

Article From: Centre of Stone