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2024.8.14-16 Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)


Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)

Only365Days Left from the Opening

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Embracing modern Architecture

Architecture is one of those things that stands as proof of human innovation and creativity. With each passing era, the buildings continue to tell a story all in their way, with futuristic aspirations, and technological advancements. Embracing modern architecture is not just about coming up with a structure, it’s about actually embracing everything that comes with it. Class, simplicity, sophistication, aesthetic appeal, etc.

Modern architecture is seen through clean lines, minimalist yet very beautiful designs, and the innovation behind the use of materials. The modern world values efficiency, sustainability, style, and elegance. There is a shift towards what catches the eye, the desire to be fond of designs. Gone are the days when architecture was overlooked. People now plan and carefully find the right architects and designers.

There is also easy accessibility and simplicity behind the curation of these designs, this reflects a desire for clarity, yet simplicity doesn’t equate to dullness. Modern architecture celebrates sophistication in its subtleties. It’s about finding beauty in the purity of form and the harmony of space. A well-designed modern building engages the senses, evoking a design sense of awe and wonder through its thoughtful composition and attention to detail.

Architects embrace new technologies and Cape Town has set itself as one of the best architectural hubs for architects and construction methods to push the boundaries of what’s possible. There are great designs seen all over Cape Town, especially along Camps Bay, and Bantry Bay.  For a breather during weekends, even midweek, check out Hazendal’s Estate owned by Mark Voloshil, with a stunning box-like structure, Bosjes Chapel owned by the Sotha and Sofberg families, that has a distinctive white wavy structure that they use for blessing marriages. There is also the treehouse by Malan Voster Architects, The Ziets Museum of Contemporary Africa. The places depict outstanding art and structures.

Not from an architectural eye– the buildings are relevant to this day and age and will remain so for decades, we reckon. Modern architecture raises a sense of connection with the surrounding landscape, and embracing all that surrounds it embraces progress.

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