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5 concepts that can shape the future of construction

Talk of any industry globally and you can witness some extraordinary concepts taking shape. These extraordinary concepts have revolutionized the outlook of people associated with them. One such commendable tsunami of concept revolution can be witnessed in the construction industry today. Being a very capital intensive sector, construction has seen rapid development in the past few years. We are not only talking about the changes that have taken place in ancillaries or the materials associated with construction but also the way concepts and ideas have elaborated on the mindset of builders and the end-users.

These concepts which redefine construction have a couple of common attributes- they help save money, time and above all are futuristic, i.e. they offer sustainability and a robust foundation which can be practiced by the generations to come.

Smart Building

The concept has become very popular amongst planners and developers today. The advent of the internet and subsequently IoT has driven the smart building concept smoothly so far. With the rise in smart cities at an all-time high, the relevance of smart infrastructure in no doubt has seen its light of the day. Just imagine a piece of intelligent architecture that adjusts with time and situation and that too with standout precision. Well, that’s what these smart buildings are all about. Right from adjusting the lighting systems through the sensor technology to collating data for future reference to avoid unnecessary cost burden, smart buildings have it in them to upscale and upgrade the erstwhile conventional way of living.

Green Building

With concerns over a sustainable tomorrow, we have all realized how important Green is in the place where we stay. Green buildings are a perfect example of that. One can see vertical greenery in today’s times where the fascia of the building gets completely covered with creepers and then one can find rooftop gardens where a formidable amount of greenery is put in place. Non-renewable sources of energy become dominant under the green building portfolio. Lots of stress is laid on solar energy and equivalent importance is given to ventilation so that minimal usage of electricity and lighting happens across the day. Green Buildings are getting there due since people have started to see the tangible benefits that are derived out of them.

Prefabricated Construction

Another concept that is making heads turn is the practice of prefabricated construction. It is a process of assembling a variety of components of a structure at a manufacturing site and then transferring them to the site location. The construction suits all types of budgets and has started to be commonly seen these days. One shouldn’t relate prefabricated or modular construction to an expensive choice because they are customized. On the contrary, the predesigned structures target all budgets and price points thus creating an affordable option. Additionally, the construction time also gets reduced resulting in a significant amount of saving in the total cost. This concept has indeed become one of the go-to options for builders nowadays.

Concept Design

There are many layers of designing that are thought of and applied before the actual construction starts. Concept designing is fast starting to become a trend these days. Once the feasibility studies have been carried out with a project brief, concept design comes into the picture. Concept design is the initial design idea which is followed by detailed design. Being the initial process, one gets to know how the entire shape and structure of the building would pan out. The concept designing helps to make alterations at a very basic level ensuring that the requisite alterations if required are made in the first stage. The best part of adopting concept designing is that the tiniest of specifications are worked upon resulting in a structure that compliments the design on paper.

Building Information Modeling – BIM

BIM is one of the more mature concepts that has caught the eye of modern-day architects. It is one way of generating and managing computer representations of the project before it is built. The system helps the architects and the engineers with the models that show up how building materials will withstand over a period of time. BIM also helps in creating a maintenance schedule for builders so that they are aware of the progress of the structure and do the needful if in case any rectification or modification is required. So, right from the scratch to the culmination of the project, BIM holds the fort and has a crucial role to play.

Article From: World Construction Today