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Stone benchtops installing

Why stone benchtops should be installed in the last turn during repair and construction, after finishing the premises, but before cleaning by the cleaning company?

In the hands of experienced masons, the installation of a stone benchtop takes minimal time. Holes and grooves are made as possible in advance, in a well-equipped workshop. There remains dust. The noise from the machines is heard only by workers. But sometimes it is necessary to drill a hole for the pipes on site, or to fit its shape during installation. Therefore, installers take with them tools for processing stone products.


In a rustic apartment building, the house is repaired with maximum precautions. Stonemasons try to work in the morning on weekdays, when noisy work is allowed. Reduce to the limit the number of operations performed outside the factory. Then sharp sounds cause less outrage at neighbours. Easier to install the benchtop in a new building, a separate private cottage, office, shop or restaurant. Given the customer’s working schedule, professionals should be prepared to serve customers on weekends and holidays, also late at night, when the visitors are no longer there.


Heavy stone benchtops for kitchen from need careful handling. They transport it with special vehicles in an upright position, securely fixing the truck in the back of the truck. The order is delivered with enough loaders. This excludes accidental damage during transportation and transfer. A natural stone (granite, marble) is more fragile than an artificial engineered quartz. Benchtops of natural stone are given special attention.


The customer decides when to install the stone, but it is better to install the benchtops before other furniture and dishes appear in the room. With the observance of technology, little dirt is formed. Still it is desirable to remove mobile objects from the room and close the remaining with construction film.

Depending on the presence of a solid foundation or its absence, there are several options for laying the benchtop. On a reliable wooden or metal frame, stone kitchen benchtops made is placed, with the filling of the irregularities with silicone and special stone chemicals. Then the sink is fixed, and communications are conducted. A freshly installed table cannot be touched for 24 hours, otherwise the seams will move, and the level of the surface will change.

If the house is being built, and future owners prefer modern design, one of the options for installing the stone benchtop is to use the cylindrical support on the side. It is recommended to provide support at least from two sides (angular arrangement), and in a niche – from three. Then the renovation of the house anв stone installation will be lasting and safe.

When carrying out restoration or construction works, stone benchtops is installed last. Otherwise, it is likely that the surface will be damaged by construction tools or items that have accidentally fallen. First walls and ceiling must be made, then kitchen cabinets should be installed. Then stone benchtops can be installed.

Article From: Centre of Stone