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Only365Days Left from the Opening

2024.8.14-16 Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)


Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)

Only365Days Left from the Opening

Safety Measure Onsite

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, all Informa exhibitions will continue to give priority to the health and safety of our colleagues and clients and will hold the exhibition under the guidance of the official government and local authorities. Informa AllSecure has further revised exhibition best practice standards and guidelines, which is a comprehensive set of enhancements aimed at providing safety, hygiene, cleanliness and quality standards.

• Conference Highlights

1. Real name pre-registration + real name admission.

All the staffs, exhibitors and visitors participating in the exhibition must pre-register with their real names before the exhibition, and enter the venue on the exhibition day with their ID to ensure that the information of the attendees is traceable.

2. Wear a mask.

All those who enter the venue must wear masks, and all exhibitors and constructors must wear masks in strict accordance with the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention. Individual personnel who do not wear masks will be provided with masks.

3. Temperature measurement.

All people who need to enter the venue must take their body temperature. After con before their entrance under normal circumstances.

3. Temperature measurement.

All staffs, exhibitors and visitors must take their body temperature to enter the venue, and will be allowed to enter only when their body temperature is normal.

4. Strict disinfection.

The booth and public areas such as dining areas, aisles, corridors and public bathrooms are strictly sterilized twice a day.

5. Reasonable planning of the site, and each spacing meets the requirements of prevention and control.

6. Strengthen the control of the flow of people and guide people in and out of the venue in an orderly manner.

4 Must-Have Items for Attending the Show

•  Health QR Code (”Suishenma” in Shanghai)
•  ID/Passport
•  Mask
•  Exhibition Pre-registration Code