2020 Onsite Events

• Conference Highlights

Crossover and Fusion: New Materials, New Concepts, New Models, New Methods
Experts in stone industry shared their insights and interpretation regarding some of the popular products, the latest development and new trends in the industry, topics covering sintered stone and ceramic slabs, terrazzo, new application possibilities, granite maintenance solutions and etc.

World Resilient Flooring Congress
The 2nd World Resilient Flooring Congress was gathered together industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, analysts, designers to discuss about the new technologies, tax and tariff, regulations and standards, the latest development and trends in the North America and ASEAN market, interior design and etc. The conference aims to provide a networking place to promote resilient flooring products and facilitate international cooperation.

New Trends in Commercial Interior Design
‘New Trends in Commercial Interior Design’ Forum invited well-known architects and designers from AIA IR to share with the attendees their insights regarding the new trends, new ideas and new concept of commercial interior design, and the case studies including retail space, boutique hotel, medical space and green TOD project. As regards the case studies, the speakers presented their latest projects including awarding-winning cases, and discussed with the attendees about the design concepts, materials, interior design, the possibilities of materials application.

Look into the Future: Consumer Insight, Color and Interior Design Trends
WGSN’s analysts and researchers shared their insights, findings and interpretations with regard to the changing consumer behaviors, the green and sustainable interior design, and color trends, which helped the attendees to keep up with the changing market and take advantage of the future trends.

The Poetry of Materials in Architecture
How to use materials to express the design language? With the innovations of building materials, how should designers choose new materials? The speakers and KOLs shared and discussed about some of the latest materials, interior design and creative applications.

•  Featured Events
Commercial Building Interior Design Exhibition
Commercial Building Interior Design Exhibition was organized by SURFACES China and AIA IR, showcasing the award-winning designs, and the latest commercial designs for hotels, public space, schools, hospitals, commercial complex and TOD projects. The exhibition aims to share design concepts, connect the architects and audiences, and inspire the audiences, especially the young architects and designers.

Innovative Materials Museum
Innovative Materials Museum has been an eye-catching event on the show floor, where trade visitors and buyers could touch, feel, learn and experience the latest innovations, it was the place where they could expand the materials database and get inspired.

S + D Award
S + D Award, as a professional award in the surface materials industry, recognizes and awards the outstanding materials in the field of construction and interior design in 2020. The awards focused on ‘Design, Innovation and Technology’, with the aim to promote and encourage those who actively promoting the development of the industry. The awarding ceremony was held on the show floor, joined by the award winners and nominees, CCCMC, Shanghai Stone Industry Association, Informa Markets and industry experts.

Business Match-making Program
The Business Match-making Program created an efficient platform to connect exhibitors with designers, builders, remodelers, contractors, distributors, agents, importers, exports, purchasing influencers, and other key decision-makers. The pre-qualified buyers were invited to the event and joined the face-to-face meetings with the support from SURFACES China. Business Match-making Program helped suppliers and buyers to build new connections and development new business opportunities in a time efficient way.

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