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■  Meet with quality buyers, develop new business partners and generate new business opportunities.

■  Build your brand and increase the profile of your product and brand in the industry.

■  Showcase the latest products, technologies and services.

■  Network and establish the relationships with industry stakeholders.

■  Exchange information and keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

What You Will See

■  Prefab Bathroom & Kitchen

■  Integrated Flooring System

■  Prefab Wall Coverings & Ceiling System

■  Partition Wall Products and Solutions

■  Prefab Cabinets

■  Smart Home Solutions

■  Prefab Interiors Integration Solutions and Parts

■  Aging in Place Design & Solutions

■  Prefab Interiors Installation Services and Solutions

■  Integrated Cable & Electrical System

■  Design Companies & Institutions


What You Could Expect